There is this child of mine who is very amazing me. He always asks me some very funny questions. He cannot shut up when something comes to his mind. There is this day when we were sitting in the table room discussing with my husband talking about our family friend who was barren. The child was listening and out of curiosity, he asked us why e was concerned about other people lives while we can not do the same to ours. We needed some explanation on the same. You know what? he said that he needed a baby sister and we cannot bring up a sister for him. We were very sorry for him and promised to find one for him. My point now is that we should take caution on what we are talking about when our children are around. There are things that need privacy. Our children are watching our discussion and behaviors. We need to know that even the future of our children can be affected by how we relate to ourselves and others. Let try to polish up and change. By doing it, we will achieve what we dream of our children. Take care of even the TV channels they are watching and mostly the programmes that are on this channels. Thanks