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My little son is 3 and he is becoming rebellious day by day

posted 6 years 4 months ago
Hello. I have two sons and my younger one is behaving differently from the past few weeks. I am unable to help him as he won't tell me anything. He doesn't listen to me or his father too. My husband and I are trying to cope up with it. Anyone else going through the same problem? Please suggest me with something good. Smile

posted 6 years 1 month ago
It is totally normal for children to behave like this. They sometimes do it. You don't worry about him. But still, if you can't keep calm. I would suggest you consult some good doctor. He will let you know what exactly is going on with your baby. I hope everything is fine. Lots of love to you and to your baby.

posted 5 years 10 months ago
You should utilize his energy in those tasks which he want to do. It may be playing, reading, dancing etc. If he will utilize his energy in those tasks which give him a small pleasure, that would be great for both you and your husband.

posted 5 years 10 months ago
This is very natural to behave differently in growing years. Kids change their habits and preferences with the passage of time. don't get afraid and try to keep him busy in a way he loves. U can try puzzles, video games, his favorite toys as well as arranging a trip outside. sometimes, kids behave differently in order to get attention.

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