Hi everyone, I am Linda and it’s my first pregnancy, I am in my last trimaster.I'm a bit curious on this, and I have no idea what is the norm. So at my recent midwife appointment said at least 10 movements per day. Which doesn't really clear things up. I'm assuming it's 10 clusters of movements and not 10 individual movements, but half the time my mind is too busy focusing on getting things ready for the move that I'm not sure if I'm missing the moves or he's just not moving. Also his movements vary, some are just little minor bumps and others are the big moves that make everything move. I'm not really a paranoid person but if I don't feel a movement for a few hours I have a habit of giving him a gentle poke, which usually gets a small kick as a response, but not always.What sort of movements did everyone experience during the 3rd trimester and how do I know if something is not quite right?