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I'm a little overweight

posted 1 week 2 days ago
Hi everyone. Can anyone help with this a little query of mine? I'm a little overweight and I am also doing an IVF later this year. So, can anyone suggest that does it affect the process of conceiving? It would really be helpful for me. So, I can lose some before undergoing it. Thanks!

posted 5 days 7 hours ago
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Hi there.
I believe I am nobody to answer your query as I haven't had any experience in this regard. But, I may help a little. As you know that obese women have problems in their menstrual cycle. They have irregular or no chums at all. Many studies have shown that obesity may lead to bigger problems in pregnancy and IVF as well. Weight might be a problem in your IVF treatment and obesity has an adverse effect on these treatments.
It might take 3-5 months for you to lose weight and get the treatment. It would be the best if you'd take measures soon and consult a gynecologist or any doctor in this regard. I really wish you'd complete this process and become a great mum to your kids

posted 3 days 22 hours ago
Hi sasha! Its good that you intuitively know what could be a problem for you. I dont know how to put it any more plainly. But being overweight is a major cause of infertility in women. You should've tried to lose a little weight when you were trying to conceive. But its still not late. I see that you've opted for IVF. This I assume is a decision made after consulting some good specialist. Even if you have decided on this treatment, you should try to shed off a few pounds before you start with it. It will increase your chances to conceive and carry out a healthy pregnancy. You can do some simple exercises and make your diet better. Trying yoga could help you as well. Please consult your doctor on the matter. He/She will guide you through and explain the consequences that being over weight can have on your pregnancy. I'll try to give you a mental picture of what its like.The main issue is of safety during egg retrieval for IVF. when a woman is overweight, her ovaries are pushed up high away from the top the vagina by extra fatty issues in the pelvis. This can cause problems in IVF because a needle is pushed to reach the eggs in the ovaries. If the ovaries are too high, it is unsafe to use the needle to get the eggs out. Please consider this before you go for the treatment. Let you doctor know your concerns. Hope this helps. Good luck ahead!! Stay positive and healthy

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