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I just happened to know that my brother is also infertile

posted 1 week 2 days ago
Hi ladies. How are you all holding up? I just happened to know that my brother is also infertile. It's so unlucky for us. Anyway! My emotions aside, I've recommended the couple to have surrogacy in Ukraine. But, there is this one thing I advised them to try. I asked them to have a try for a motility tests. Because, if that's the issue. So, he won't have to visit Kiev, Ukraine for it. I actually myself had treated and conceived there in Ukraine. So, that's why I advised him bluntly without him thinking...Actually, infertility runs in our family! We have this fate to accept! So, can someone advise any home remedy for sperm quality betterment?

posted 1 week 23 hours ago
Hi sashawilson,
Sorry to hear your story. Indeed motility is one of the issues that cause male infertility. It refers to the inability of the sperm to swim and fertilize the egg. When the sperm is unable to swim, it makes conception difficult because the sperm is unable to pass the vaginal canal and fertilize the egg. Sperm motility issues can be caused by the following issues:
Excessive stress- stress has some negative health effects and causes infertility.
Excessive heat –if you allow your genitals to be exposed to excess heat it can lead to many issues. Heat can be caused by constricting undergarment laptops, sauna, and hot tubs.
Some medications may also cause sperm motility issues.
Poor diet- lack of vitamins and minerals may lead to infertility specifically lack of vitamin C, and B12 may lead to poor sperm motility. Also, smoking and alcohol consumption can lead to fertility issues.
However, low sperm motility can be treated. You need to advise your brother to disregard the fact that sperm motility issue runs in your family and should instead seek medical attention. Some of the available options include:
In vitro fertilization- it involves fertilizing an egg in the lab which increases the chance of conceiving.
Intrauterine insemination- here a man’s sperm is artificially introduced into the woman’s uterus to reduce the distance it has to swim to fertilize the egg.
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection- it takes place during IVF treatment and involves the injection of a man’s sperm into a woman’s egg to ensure that fertilization takes place.
Lastly, you may also resort to using a sperm donor. If the above methods don’t yield the desired results, you may consider going for sperm donation.

posted 5 days 11 hours ago
Hello dear! I am deeply saddened to hear your story. Surrogacy is very popular nowadays. It gives you the surety for desired result. Did you tell them about Gestational surrogacy? Gestational surrogacy is different form traditional surrogacy where an infertile women donates her eggs.Therefore, she becomes the biological mother of the child. Anyways i wish them all the best.

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