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I can describe my first trimester

posted 6 years 3 months ago
It was July 4th, 2015. Well 4 weeks into our last hurrah we realized that we had been in bed every night by 8pm and hadn't gone out “partying” once. Ha. So we decide at that point that our lives were telling us that we were ready right then. We were incredibly lucky that after a few months of trying, we got pregnant! The first trimester was not fun and was really hard for me. It was rough because I was sick all the time! I lost about 7lbs in my first trimester because I couldn't really eat anything. The way I tried to explain it to Kevin is that I felt like I constantly had a hangover but I never got to enjoy the fun part the night before. That’s the best way I can describe my first trimester, one long hangover.

posted 6 years 2 months ago
Hello ladies!!I knew every pregnancy is different and have different symptoms too.In my pregnancy, I was feeling most miserable in 8 weeks.My morning sickness is so severe.even I took medication to remove lit bit this symptom.It's hard to cope with.In early trimester my pregnancy time was so bad I felt all time sick and upset, The most important thing didn't eat anything properly .things are really weird.vomiting is so bad.I am spending my first trimester in the real mess.but thanks my goodness second trimester is quite different and comfortable as compared to first one.My God feeling ill and sleepy all the time world's most difficult task.No doubt after having the child we forget this bad time.Now, I am in second-trimester things are changed..feeling relax.hope that other woman could not find the first trimester like wishes in future.lots of baby dust!!

posted 6 years 1 month ago
Although every pregnancy has its own symptoms, yet the first trimester is extremely uncomfortable. It comes with dizziness, nausea and constant inconvenience. Most of the pregnant women face the morning sickness.Initially, it seems very difficult to counter these disturbing symptoms. As the time passes the body gets used to the situation and the pregnant mom starts feeling comfortable. I would like to give some suggestions to the new moms to be. I have searched for these remedial solutions while I conceived for the first time and these really helped a lot. If you people out there are facing a great deal of morning sickness I would suggest that you go for short meals. Too much of water drinking at night can cause morning sickness too. In the rest of the day keep taking water.Avoid starting your day with oily and spicy foods. It is better to have crackers just before getting out of the bed. If you feel too tired it is better that you take sufficient rest. Hot water showers are very relaxing. Enjoy the changes and be thankful.

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