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If anyone could relate?

posted 1 month 1 week ago
Does anyone have this feeling or fear like there is something wrong with them? I mean I'm having treatments for my infertility. But, I really get this feeling now. There is something really different haunting me in terms of disease. So, please! If anyone could relate?

posted 1 month 1 week ago
Hey amiyah. Hope you are doing great. The fear that you feel is understandable. You are not the only one who feels this way. You see a woman is expected to be a lot of things and being a mother is just one of them. The pressure we sometimes get from our surroundings gets us bad. We start feeling that there is something wrong with us. When in truth its just that everyone is a little different. Some might get pregnant easily, and some might have to struggle for it a little. Many woman face the problem of infertility but in this day and age there are so many solutions to it. Its not even something that is impossible anymore. So keep your hopes up and stay positive. You are undergoing treatment and I'm sure it'll work out well for you. And when it does I'm telling you'll appreciate your baby a lot more. Things we work hard for are what we treasure most. Please dont let the inability to conceive become your insecurity. You can and Im sure you will get around it. Soon. Try not to stress yourself out because of any of this. I hope your journey to becoming a mother makes your stronger. I hope it makes you believe that you're worthy. Good luck hun!!!

posted 4 weeks 13 hours ago
Got the point you are discussing its the time when you have to give proper attention to yourself as well as a baby. Many of couples just wanted to have a baby but don't want to suffer. They just focus on others and by looking at others they decide to make a baby. By knowing the conditions they are facing or going through from the tough time. I can't say much about this more. Because one should know herself before starting.

posted 4 weeks 3 hours ago
Hi there, Well this is all because you are under stress. I think you need to get relaxed. Once you get to relax. I think these all feelings go away. The other factor may be because you are having treatment and you are under process. So this is the thing that could make you feel like that. This should not be like that. You need to relax. I think after that you are going to be fine. May you have much more dream Best of luck.

posted 3 weeks 5 days ago
I can totally understand you. The feeling of hopelessness itself can prove to be very painful. Constantly being treated and seeing no results can force you to think that way. Therefore there is nothing unusual in this behavior. However, try not to infuse negative thoughts in your mind because they can trigger us to think in this way. As long as the doctors are treating you that means you still have a chance. Don't let your own thoughts haunt you because the reality might be different. You should definitely go and talk about this with your doctor. Ask questions regarding your treatment. I am sure once you understand the complexities and the procedure you will no longer feel this way. Other than that be more positive. Hopefully, you will soon be welcomed with a wonderful news! Keep us updated.

posted 3 weeks 2 days ago
hi amiyah, so sorry to hear about your infertility. but its not the end. you have many options right now. i am suffering from infertility too. i didnt have a child after seven years of my marriage.but then me and my husband decided to go to experts. and they suggested surrogacy. It was not as complex as i thought. they just took the embryo and inserted in an other surrogate. now i am a mother of a son. he is 2 years old now. im happy with my life now. there is a clinic in Ukrain that can help you out. it has reasonable price. its nothing to be worried about.the feeling that you are having is naturral. you should not be worried just hope for the best. i hope i was helpful. just dont giveup its not the end.

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