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All I need is prayers and luck now.

posted 1 week 2 days ago
Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I just came online to get your best wishes. I just really need prayers now. I've done everything myself. I've booked an IVF for upcoming JULY. I'll be flying to Kiev, Ukraine for it. We couldn't afford it here in the USA. So, I'm going to Ukraine for it. They have a really good clinic there. I've been referred by someone and I'm going to be there. I hope it works out for me. All I need is prayers and luck now. Wish me luck ladies!

posted 1 week 1 day ago
Hi amiyah549,
Indeed we shall remember you in prayers and hope that God will be with you through the IVF journey. IVF is expensive not just in the USA but many other countries in the world. So if you have found an affordable place in Kiev, I would encourage that you grab the opportunity and pursue your dream.
My sister had had almost the same problem. She had been married for about three years, and her husband was pestering her since they didn’t have a baby. When she finally went of tests, it was revealed that she had depleted her eggs. So the only option she had was IVF. A friend introduced her to a clinic in Europe where she shared her predicament with one of the managers at the facility. She was informed that she could benefit from IVF on a donor egg and bear children. It was a surprise to us since we didn’t imagine that such technology existed. She flew to Europe presented her case and the supporting documents, and she was admitted to the facility for further examination. The doctor confirmed that indeed she could benefit from the process. She came back home, and we helped her raise the required amount which was a third of what is charged in the US for the same service. Together with her husband, they flew back to the facility ready for the process. The clinic offered them accommodation and paid all local traveling and food expenses for the nine days they were at the facility. They chose one of the affordable packages at the facility which cost about €4,900. My sister was put on Dekapeptil injection and other medications such as divigel, estrogen, and progynova pill to help stimulate her uterine. Her husband donated the sperm, and after five days, a fertilized egg was transferred into her uterine. This six how she conceived her first child.

posted 5 days 11 hours ago
I am so happy for you! Just stay positive and everything will work out for you. Having a baby is such a wonderful feeling. You will surely be blessed. My prayers are with you. Just make sure the clinic you opted gives the best treatment with 100% genuine medication. Also, It must also give you the assurance of desired results. My prayers with you. Wishing you all the best xxx

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