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What are the benefits of Zinc.

posted 2 months 1 day ago
Could you please explain it for me.

posted 1 month 1 week ago
Hi aaqib,
Let me start by congratulating you for finding time to join this forum. This is a place where we share ideas and exchange views. I am sure you will be able to learn a lot about the benefit of zinc. Also, you will be able to understand the benefits of zinc infertility.
For starters, let me say that zinc is the most studied nutrient about fertility. Indeed it is an essential component in genetic material. Deficiency in zinc cause chromosomal changes and can lead to reduced fertility and is a greater risk of miscarriage.
Zinc is an essential mineral that is regularly used by the body cells. Zinc plays a critical role in the production of DNA and helps in wound healing. Also, studies have shown that zinc plays a critical role in helping boost the body’s immune system. It balances blood sugar levels to help the bodies insulin respond appropriately. Zinc is also one of the minerals required for hormone production. It is also essential in the production of hydrochloric acid that helps the stomach to digest and break down foods. When it comes to fertility, zinc is the main nutrient that the body needs. It helps it to utilize reproductive hormones, progesterone, and estrogen. The deficiency of this hormones can lead to menstrual irregularity and could lower egg quality. This makes it difficult for a woman to conceive. In men, zinc plays a vital role as well. The fact that the concentration of Zinc in the sperm is high implies that it is an important nutrient required to make the tail and the outer layer of the sperm. Therefore deficiency in zinc impacts on the sperm quality and quantity.

posted 3 weeks 6 days ago
Hi, aaqib,
Just like the other contributor, I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to this forum. I hope you will find it informative and helpful. Feel free to share whatever little information you come across. Now back to your question, I would like to tell you that zinc comes with a lot of benefits to the user. It plays a critical role in fertility and doctors often recommend it to patients. It is the single most important nutrient used to treat infertility. Pregnant women are also advised to eat food loaded with zinc because it helps reduce the risk of miscarriage. It is an essential mineral that is required by the body cells. It helps in the production of DNA and plays a role in helping heal wounds. A pregnant mother requires an enhanced immune system. Zinc is the only nutrient that is known to enhance the immune system. As a result, when pregnant women consume plenty of zinc, it wards off ailments that attack women due to a weakened immune system. Other than boosting the immune system, zinc helps the body to respond appropriately to insulin. It is one of the minerals that help the body produce hormones. More importantly, zinc plays a vital role in assisting the body in producing hydrochloric acid which helps the stomach to digest and break down foods easily. It is the main nutrient the body needs and plays a critical role in helping it utilize progesterone and estrogen. These are important hormones that play a role in the menstrual cycle.

posted 2 weeks 6 days ago
Zinc is one of the essential elements in the human body.It plays a critical role in the DNA production. It aids in wound healing and boosts the immune system. Zinc aids in the healing and hearing processes as well. It is one of the elements that is known to play a role in baby making process. It works alongside important enzymes and ensures that the reproductive system works as required. It plays a key role in the woman’s reproductive system as well. It helps the cells to divide properly and stabilizes progesterone and estrogen levels. When it comes to fertility, zinc plays an important role in the conception process. It helps to balance hormones, maintain follicular fluid and is very critical in egg production and maintaining the level of follicular fluid. In balancing the hormones, Zinc plays an important role in balancing testosterone, progesterone and estrogen levels. It helps in egg production and enables the egg to start its journey through the fallopian tube. It does this by ensuring that there is enough follicular fluid to help the egg travel. For eggs to rich maturity, it is important that it gets enough amount of zinc. Now, having looked at the benefits of zinc, it is important that we look at the foods that guarantee your body a steady supply of zinc. Foods that are loaded with zinc include wheat bread, oatmeal, wheat germ cereal, milk, yogurt, cheese, egg, and poultry. Women who are trying to conceive and are on a zinc diet should try to avoid or reduce the consumption of Trans fats and animal protein. Also, it is recommended that they eat more plant protein than animal protein. This helps to reduce ovulatory infertility.

posted 2 weeks 5 days ago
Zinc plays important role in the construction of your baby's cells and DNA during pregnancy. Getting the right amount of zinc in your pregnancy diet is essential because it helps to protect against infections and aids in the metabolizing of other vital nutrients. Beans, nuts, whole grains and dairy products are the best sources of zinc.

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