Hi everyone, I’m just super super worried...

Me and partner had an accident on the night of the 8th December (around midnight). Long story short we went to a pharmacy the next morning and I took the MAP @ 8am. (8 hours later...).

My WORRY is that when I checked my period tracker app, I was supposedly ovulating the next day (Saturday when I took the MAP on the morning 8 hours after sex...) this has really freaked me out!

It has been 8 days since I took it. My period is due to arrive on the 22/23 of December so in 5/6 days time.

Around 2 days ago so 4 days after taking MAP my boobs started swelling and became sore, however, this is my number one PMS sign, usually around a week before period, which it is now. I have tummy cramps, also PMS sign of mine.

What I’m asking is whether I would have such crazy pregnancy symptoms only four days after sexual intercourse or is it safe to assume that it’s definitely PMS? My breasts are EXTREMELY sore...but this could also be from the MAP?

Could anyone shed some light on this please... I should also add, I’ve taken FIVE 5 days early before period pregnancy tests and all are negative.

Thankyou so much in advance, my head is all over the place Sad Face

- Would I really of started having pregnancy symptoms 5 days after having intercourse and taking MAP? I mean its 9 days since I took the MAP and 4 days to my period and I have insanely prominent PMS symptoms...???