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I am just so helpless!

posted 3 months 1 week ago
Life sometimes treats you very harshly. That is what happened with me. I got happily married to my long time fiancé and the love of my life in 2014. I was 32 at that time. Never knew things will turn out this way. In a matter of three years have had 5 MCs. In addition depression has struck me so bad that I just don’t want to live anymore. Seems like things are getting out of control. Keep having intrusive thoughts which has affected my personality. Relationship with my DH is on the rocks. Although everyone wants me to consult an RE. However I don’t want build up new hopes. As I have a feeling that it’s going to fail. Each and every day is a punishment for me. Where to go? What to do? Iam just so helpless.

posted 3 months 1 week ago
Hi, dear,
I have read through your post, and I am certain that if you don’t see an RE, things will get out of hand. You have said that you got married to a long time fiancé at the age of 32 and since then you have had five miscarriages. If this is true, I have every reason to believe that you should actually consult a fertility expert. You see miscarriage is caused by some factors some of which constitute what is described as infertility. For instance, women with a scar in their womb cannot carry a pregnancy to fruition. They will always miscarry along the way. Also, I have a feeling that at your age, you are getting into the danger zone where your eggs have aged, and their quality has dropped. When this happens, the womb will always reject any egg that is fertilized and wants to attach itself to the uterine wall. The other probable cause of the problem is chromosomal defects. After fertilization, the father is supposed to contribute 23 chromosomes, and the mother should also contribute 23. Due to lifestyle and many other factors, chromosomes mutate, and it may result in more or fewer chromosomes in an embryo. When the body realizes this, it cannot allow the embryo to attach itself and grow. It rejects it leading to miscarriage. These and many other reasons make me believe that you need to see a fertility doctor help unravel the mystery.

posted 2 months 4 weeks ago
I know that it's hard to believe that it could be everything OK if you try some other option. If you don't try you will not know. I know you are afraid. Try to find strength. You will be sorry later if you just give up now.

posted 2 months 4 weeks ago
Hello dear! I know exactly what you're talking about. In our situation this is really hard not to lose hope. Many times I was thinking about giving up. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 8 years. 5 years ago I've got to know that I have PCOS. During this a long time I've tried so many treatments and medications but nothing gave any results. No one understands what I'm going through. Everyone is getting pregnant one after another. All they do is talking about children. I isolated myself from everyone because they just don't get how hard it is for me. Recently I met my old friend. It turned out she also faced infertility. I think it was destiny that we met after a long time. We can talk for hours, not only about our infertility struggles. I feel like she gets what I'm talking about. She understands and she knows exactly how I feel. Also people here are very kind and supportive. I hope you will also feel better. I wish you all the best with your TTC!

posted 2 months 1 week ago
You seems to be very depressed. I know miscarriages are such a mishap in any woman's life that can totally destroy her but remember it's not the end of life. You must consult a gynaecologist. at least you are conceiving. Thousands of women are there who are unable to conceive. You consult your doctor and try to find out the reasons of miscarriages. I am quiet sure one day you will conceive again and will deliver your own baby. Just keep yourself away from stress. Good luck.

posted 2 months 6 days ago
Hi dear. I feel sorry for your loss. I totally understand your feelings. Why don't you go for any fertility treatment. IVF may be helpful to make you mother. In fact I am sure on this. You may go for IUI or Surrogacy also. Adoption is also a way. Take care of your diet and health. Good luck.

posted 2 months 4 days ago
. I feel so sorry to read your story. Yeah you are right sometimes life gets very harsh and uncertain. I will suggest you to consult some surrogacy. There are options available. Try to search something that suits your condition and budget. ideally good my cousin has got her treatment from there, and she is very happy.

posted 2 months 3 days ago
I cant hold back my tears after reading your post. I can't envision the pain you went through. I am extremely sorry. You must know that you are not alone in this. You still have numerous options to conceive. Just give it some time . Don't abandon your dream . You never know when your life takes a positive turn. You must explore the possible solutions on the internet. I wish all the happiness in the world. Much love xx

posted 1 month 3 weeks ago
You said in your post that you have had five miscarriages in the span of three years. If that's the case, I hope that you have consulted a fertility expert by this point. It's important to have a gauge of the type of situation you're in, medically. There are cases similar to yours that can be solved with hormone therapies alone and these days, there are so many more effective techniques out there.For instance, my husband and I wasted time on IVF as well as hormone therapies, simply because they were what we were aware of at the time. We then found out about surrogacy and that's what finally brought us our child. I know that feeling of helplessness so understand when I say that it gets better. There are better ways out there for you. cheers!

posted 1 month 3 weeks ago
We faced many problems when we start thinking about having a child. Soon after we realized it's a matter of time. We have to face difficulties in starting but after this, we can enjoy our life with our very own baby. Whom we can love a lot and from whom we can be called as parents. After having a birth we used to suffer a lot because we both were doing the job at that time. It was difficult when we were in initial stages of our baby growth. I left the job and started giving all my time to the baby. Because you should always be there for baby when it comes to baby growth. You need to be there always.

posted 1 month 3 weeks ago
Well, it's true dear. Sometimes we just don't know what is ahead. We are happy one day and the other day is going to take us towards sadness we don't know. Well, I must tell you that your husband loves you dearly. Be with him. Afterall he is with you right now. everything is going to be fine. Actually, it's all about time. One day we feel something. Next day we feel something else. Don't worry about anything. Just be patient and keep calm. Everything will be fine. Take care allot dear. Best of luck.

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