Hi all!

Just a note of caution for JustParents users and those searching online for information. In recent months, we've experienced a large number of new members who are posting "positive" comments about Biotexcom, a clinic based in Kiev in Ukraine which specialises in surrogacy.

Although Biotexcom may or may not be a reputable clinic, be aware that many of the comments you read online (here and at other pregnancy and TTC forums) about this clinic might not be legitimate.

Along with posting in poor English, many of these users are signing up with either disposable email addresses, or free ones from Gmail or Yandex, a popular search engine in Russia and the Ukraine. Often, these users will pretend to have conversations with each other in forum threads discussing surrogacy and recommending Biotexcom, but we can see from their IP addresses that they are posting from the same computer or network.

We're deleting threads and banning accounts here on JustParents when they're detected, but from searching online, this behaviour seems to be happening on a number of pregnancy and TTC forums.

We're not suggesting that Biotexcom are directly involved or responsible for this spam, but please keep be cautious and do your research carefully before selecting a clinic to discuss your situation with - especially if it involves expensive air travel for initial meetings.