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Be wary of online forum reviews about Biotexcom in Ukraine

RobRob Admin
posted 6 years 6 months ago
- My blog
Hi all!

Just a note of caution for JustParents users and those searching online for information. In recent months, we've experienced a large number of new members who are posting "positive" comments about Biotexcom, a clinic based in Kiev in Ukraine which specialises in surrogacy.

Although Biotexcom may or may not be a reputable clinic, be aware that many of the comments you read online (here and at other pregnancy and TTC forums) about this clinic might not be legitimate.

Along with posting in poor English, many of these users are signing up with either disposable email addresses, or free ones from Gmail or Yandex, a popular search engine in Russia and the Ukraine. Often, these users will pretend to have conversations with each other in forum threads discussing surrogacy and recommending Biotexcom, but we can see from their IP addresses that they are posting from the same computer or network.

We're deleting threads and banning accounts here on JustParents when they're detected, but from searching online, this behaviour seems to be happening on a number of pregnancy and TTC forums.

We're not suggesting that Biotexcom are directly involved or responsible for this spam, but please keep be cautious and do your research carefully before selecting a clinic to discuss your situation with - especially if it involves expensive air travel for initial meetings.

posted 5 years 6 months ago
Hi Rob
We Had our twins a few months ago with Biotexcom and I hear you on the fact that some people do go onto forums to boost a clinic, I personally didn't see good Fake ones from Biotexcom but saw a lot of bad ones which also looked fake but maybe I wasn't looking in the right place. however I have seen ones for other clinics both good and bad and its easy to tell if its fake as you said, the English is not good and you can tell they are using google translate as the way the wording is put into sentence its very obvious. We came across them when we were doing our search and as I have access to lawyers and IT I was able to check out all the clinics in Ukraine to see which one best suited us and we went with Biotexcom, No complaints at all and as far as the hype in Ukraine over trafficking and so on I can tell you I was one of the first IP's to be presented with a fake search warrant in my Ukraine apartment, how do I know it was fake, as I said, I am lucky to have access to good lawyers. I have since spoken with the ministry of health and other areas in Ukraine government and go an apology for what happened to me, people must remember Ukraine is as corrupt at it gets, Money talks and smaller clinics will do anything to bring another clinic down. My email is not fake and if you would like to PM me I will give you my full name, I didn't add it here as I would be classed as a public figure but have no problem giving it to you for verification, Regards M

posted 4 years 8 months ago
Thank you for your advice!

posted 7 months 2 weeks ago
Exercise caution when considering online reviews for Biotexcom in Ukraine, as they may lack objectivity and credibility. Verify information independently.

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