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Be wary of online forum reviews about Biotexcom in Ukraine

RobRob Admin
posted 3 months 3 weeks ago
- My blog
Hi all!

Just a note of caution for JustParents users and those searching online for information. In recent months, we've experienced a large number of new members who are posting "positive" comments about Biotexcom, a clinic based in Kiev in Ukraine which specialises in surrogacy.

Although Biotexcom may or may not be a reputable clinic, be aware that many of the comments you read online (here and at other pregnancy and TTC forums) about this clinic might not be legitimate.

Along with posting in poor English, many of these users are signing up with either disposable email addresses, or free ones from Gmail or Yandex, a popular search engine in Russia and the Ukraine. Often, these users will pretend to have conversations with each other in forum threads discussing surrogacy and recommending Biotexcom, but we can see from their IP addresses that they are posting from the same computer or network.

We're deleting threads and banning accounts here on JustParents when they're detected, but from searching online, this behaviour seems to be happening on a number of pregnancy and TTC forums.

We're not suggesting that Biotexcom are directly involved or responsible for this spam, but please keep be cautious and do your research carefully before selecting a clinic to discuss your situation with - especially if it involves expensive air travel for initial meetings.

posted 1 month 4 weeks ago
I am not sure how to answer this post of yours. Due to some reason, my best shot is surrogacy too and during my research I came across this clinic. I am following a few Facebook pages. I don't want to disclose my real real identity ( I guess that's what the forums are good for Very Happy ) Believe it or not but that clinic is one of the priorities on my list. I think they are not doing any harm to the society. On a friendly note, I recommend you to have done some research before posting such a long post.

posted 1 month 4 weeks ago
Well…I used to visit a lot of clinics last month. We are going to enter the surrogacy program soon. We have no chances to conceive naturally. To say truth, Biotexcom looks pretty good. I read a lot of positive reviews about them. People are saying truth.
I met a lot of couples there and they all looked satisfied with the service. By the way, both our doctor and the representative of the clinic were speaking English very good. I don't think that they would pay people to write fake comments. Looks like they have enough clients. Surrogacy is a popular service nowadays. And this clinic offers pretty affordable prices.
By the way, there are a lot of posts, promoting different medical centers around the world. Why don’t you mention them in your post?

posted 1 month 4 weeks ago
Well, I guess people shall be allowed to express their veiws. Poor English could be because the members are not native English speakers though! You could be right but I don't think it's right to point out a clinic like that without digging deeper.

posted 1 month 4 weeks ago
Last edited by ErBurrell 1 month 1 week ago
I heard a lot about this ongoing saga on the Internet. Finally, I’ve found one example here. I’m really sorry Rob, but I literally laughed after reading the post you made here. You sound absolutely funny. I’m from France, so please pardon me if I can’t write good English. I have an adorable son through surrogacy which was done in BioTexCom. People write about BioTexCom clinic because it’s one of the best fertility centers around the world. Some people like you take that in a wrong way. I always recommend this clinic to the intended parents whom I meet online as well as personally.

We never thought about child adoption. We found surrogacy is the best option for us. But it's banned in our country. First, we decided to go to the USA. After calculating the total expense on surrogacy, I changed my mind. One day I came to know about this clinic. I checked the website and collected the first-hand information. A week later, we flew to Ukraine without a visa (it's great). When we visited the clinic for the very first time, we fell in love with it. What a beautiful place it was. A couple of staff members could speak French. They were so gentle and polite. Our journey was awesome.

posted 1 month 3 weeks ago
Personally I do not see any problem with that. As far as it is not direct advertisement. What is wrong when someone says he or she got help from such a clinic. Bio tex in this case. It might even be giving hopes to some of us. I have been dealing with infertility for quite long. So seeing people sharing their stories is encouraging. Removing people from groups because of taht might not be a good idea. Unless they are going against your rules and regulations. Anyway, I just thought I could add a voice in it. You are free to do what you want to do. But do not stop people from expressing themselves.

posted 1 month 3 weeks ago
Yes, sir, I have seen such comments too, there is a lot nowadays. But I don't think its something bad, if they are getting a good response from people then I think they must be good. Helping people in any way possible is what forums are for. But nobody likes spam so I agree with you but I also think if people like it then it's not doing anyone any harm.

posted 1 month 2 weeks ago
Hey Rob! I did a lot of research about clinics for Surrogacy, and honestly, Biotexcom looks likes a good choice. People are only sharing their success story here and I can assure you that it's the truth. I have read many good reviews about them. And I have seen names of many other clinics here, why you only mentioned BioTexCom? Sharing your life with others which can give anyone some hope or a chance is not bad.

posted 3 weeks 21 hours ago
So now me and my husband are looking for a surrogate to raise our child in her womb.
We have contacted a clinic for this issue and they are helping us in each and every stage,
They let us meet with the other couples who are raising babies via surrogacy method too.
The couples feedback is so satisfying about the clinic that we are now ready to go for surrogacy.
The clinic says that the surrogate should be good physically and should be perfectly alright.
The clinic has also its own many surrogates but they are looking the best one for us.
The clinic has a number of surrogates who are willing to raise our child in their womb.
The clinic says that they will go through extensive tests methods to clear all the reports of surrogate so that we don't have any problems later on.
Thrice i had conceived and thrice i had gone through miscarriages at different stages.
I had many complications with my pregnancies in my first marriage everytime i conceived miscarriage happened.
I am married for the second time and i persuaded my husband to go for surrogacy method to have a baby of our own.
We both have some biological substance left which can make our own child in someone's other womb without having her biological impacts on our child.
The consultant has given us a detail of this issue in every aspect.
If someone has experience in this surrogacy please let us know.

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