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Well, can anyone help?

posted 3 months 2 weeks ago
I have been in a wheelchair for so many years. Due to a fixation in my spine, my doctors told me I can never become a mother again. I had broken almost every bone in my body. I feared everything. I knew I am alone at this point. I adopted a baby girl 5 years ago. It was a lengthy process a very lengthy one. I had to wait 3 years to get a call for the baby. It was one of the most beautiful days of my life. A guy fell in love with me. He didn't care if I am in a wheelchair. He said if you could raise a baby on your own so perfectly I believe you are no less than any other woman and I want to marry you. I married him now we are planning to expand our family via surrogacy. How do I go about it? What is the procedure and all?

posted 3 months 2 weeks ago
Hello there Tara. I really admire your courage. I am impressed to see that you didn’t let your condition stop you. I can imagine how happy you must have been when you received the call for adoption. The problem with adoption is that it can take so long. Although if luck is with you, then the process can be completed speedily too. Despite the long wait, you managed to be successful. So, congratulations to you. Now coming to the issue at hand. Surrogacy. Fortunately for you, I do know of a clinic for my personal experience. They do offer surrogacy. The best part is that unlike adoption, the process is much faster. If you want I can share the name and contact information of the clinic. You can then drop them an email and ask for all the information you need. I got a free initial consultation. I believe it will be like that now as well

posted 3 months 2 weeks ago
Tara Vanesa, I must say you are a remarkable woman. You have demonstrated that no hurdle is too big. You managed to adopt a baby girl and raise her up. All that while in a wheelchair. This is something that even some physically able can’t accomplish. This is why I think you are very brave. I want to ask, why do you want to try surrogacy this time? You already have a successful experience with adoption. Won’t it be easier to go for that again? Since you already know about the procedure and all the details involved. Let me know what you think. Also, the reasoning behind your decision. I too am considering some way to have a child. This is why I want to know which option is better. Thank you.

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