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Is IVF a curse in disguise?

posted 5 months 2 weeks ago
1. I donated my sperm to a couple about two years ago and everything has changed in my life. I feel guilty because I think I partly contributed to a divorce. After the baby was born, the husband claimed he was disrespected on a daily basis by his wife and they divorced a week ago. However, that’s not the twisted part, the wife wants me to be her new husband. We had decided to keep the lines open for a year but it seems like varnishing was the better option. Now I have a baby with my genes, an angry husband, and a woman I barely know who wants ne to marry her. Is IVF a curse in disguise?

posted 5 months 1 week ago
I am not sure whether to answer your question or skip it. However, I am compelled to respond by saying that if you helped the couple achieve what they were unable to, there is absolutely nothing wrong about it? Why do you feel guilty? You did it out of the right heart, and I believe you should live to see the blessings of your good gesture. If the man has chosen to go away out of his volition, you have nothing to worry about. If the woman falls in love with you because of the gift you gave them, you need to reciprocate positively. After all, it is not easy for a woman to get a man that was meant for her. It can only be achieved through trial and error. But let’s stop there and think a little bit. Are you married? If you are how will your wife behave if she comes to learn about this? You need to remain strong and show some respect by not engaging in extra sexual activities. Second, I find no good reason why you want to vanish. Remember you are the biological father of the child the woman is having so joining forces and bringing up the kid together is a good idea.

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