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Please Advise Me Appropriately

posted 6 years 9 months ago
Good morning guys! It is now two years since I gave birth to my first born and my husband is now hoping to have a second born. I don’t think I am comfortable with his decision at this time since our first born is barely two years old. Is this really the best time to start conceiving again?

I am in kind of frustration. Could trying to conceive naturally again soon after the birth of the first born be in any way linked to any side effects? I am optimistic that you will help me perfectly understand this case.

posted 6 years 9 months ago
Hello @Braxton
Hello Braxton! I’ve had your case and I think am in a position to help. At first you must thank God that the two of you are fertile and conceiving is not an issue with you. You can have as many kids as you wish if you are in the capacity to raise them as per the law.
Your husband might be having some reasons as to why his coming up with such a decision at this moment. Try talking to him about the same as many times as possible so that both of you can reach an agreement. If at this moment you are not having a lot on your back then I see no reason as to why you should object whatever he is trying to bring forth.
Consult your doctor and involve him or her in decision making. You should also make your husband part of the consultation so that the two of you can quickly come to a more satisfying conclusion.
Either way it is good to observe your health status to avoid misfortunes if at all you will embark on conceiving. Otherwise I wish you the best of luck in your marriage and if you are in a position to raise kids you can have as many as possible.

posted 6 years 8 months ago
Hi Braxton
I read your story and got touched. Sometimes women are forced to do things that they are not comfortable with. I am sorry that this is happening to you. I would advise that you sit down your husband and explain to him that this is not the right time for you to conceive. If he loves you, he will listen to your advice and give you time. However, some men are rogues and will not listen irrespective of the excuse you give. If your husband doesn't listen to you, I suggest that you just use FPs to avoid getting pregnant. I am aware of men who will not want their wives to use family options when they want a child. Here you can tell him that you were already on FP and that it would take time before the system clears itself out and allow you to conceive. Alternatively, I would suggest that you make use of after pills especially when you make love to him during the unsafe days. The pills will help you not to conceive, and you will be able to buy the time you need to prepare yourself for another child. However, some men are difficult, and so it may take time before you convince him that it is not the right time to conceive. If he is this type of a man, then talk to a counselor to help you out. I am certain that if he is counseled, he will give in. Have a good day.

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