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Thank You For The Support

posted 6 years 9 months ago
Hi guys! I hope everybody on this forum is doing great. Many people here have contributed to the completion of my marriage from the beginning. I had issues to do with TTC and all the solutions to these problems were built from this forum.

I also came back to seek advice on how to go about my husband’s ever changing behaviour and you indeed advised me accordingly. Since then my marriage is almost what I have ever wished for. I humbly request you to continue sharing your thoughts whenever I request them. I know God will bless you all and will of course answer your prayers too.

posted 6 years 9 months ago
Hello @ Braxton
Your positive feedback to this forum is highly appreciated. You are so much welcome to continue this long journey with us. As an individual I’m pretty sure you have been attended to in the most welcoming way ever. As a family we are so glad when we to attend to our friends in the most appropriate manner. Your feedback gives members of this forum the morale to continue helping each other even more.
Whatever you have been sharing on this platform has been of too much help to several people who have been going through the same. So many people who in one way or another did not have a chance to share similar stories on this forum have also greatly benefited from the advices you have been receiving.
For instance, challenges to do with TTC are rampant across the globe. It is only that not everybody can raise the enthusiasm to share them. You are a tool through which several people have found solutions pertaining similar situations.
I pray that God will continue giving you the same courage and make you a protagonist. You are so much welcome to continue sharing every part of your stories here. Feel at home!

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