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Thank You For The Support

posted 1 year 4 months ago
Hi guys! I hope everybody on this forum is doing great. Many people here have contributed to the completion of my marriage from the beginning. I had issues to do with TTC and all the solutions to these problems were built from this forum.

I also came back to seek advice on how to go about my husband’s ever changing behaviour and you indeed advised me accordingly. Since then my marriage is almost what I have ever wished for. I humbly request you to continue sharing your thoughts whenever I request them. I know God will bless you all and will of course answer your prayers too.

posted 1 year 4 months ago
Hello @ Braxton
Your positive feedback to this forum is highly appreciated. You are so much welcome to continue this long journey with us. As an individual I’m pretty sure you have been attended to in the most welcoming way ever. As a family we are so glad when we to attend to our friends in the most appropriate manner. Your feedback gives members of this forum the morale to continue helping each other even more.
Whatever you have been sharing on this platform has been of too much help to several people who have been going through the same. So many people who in one way or another did not have a chance to share similar stories on this forum have also greatly benefited from the advices you have been receiving.
For instance, challenges to do with TTC are rampant across the globe. It is only that not everybody can raise the enthusiasm to share them. You are a tool through which several people have found solutions pertaining similar situations.
I pray that God will continue giving you the same courage and make you a protagonist. You are so much welcome to continue sharing every part of your stories here. Feel at home!

posted 1 year 3 months ago
Hey! How are you doing dear? We all are here to help each other as this forum is like a family. So you don’t need to worry. Just ask whatever and whenever you want to. I will definitely help you as much as I could. Many women come here to discuss there TTC problem. There are a lot of suggestions available on the forum but people need different suggestions because of the different reasons leading to infertility. I would suggest you to keep trying to conceive but don’t take a lot of time. I don’t know your age but I want to tell you that do something before you get old enough to not to become a mother. I am replying to your post to share my experience with you. I am not able to get pregnant because of my heart disease. I am fertile and I cannot even try for a baby as I will put my life at stake. Fate has decided something good for us and same my fate did for me. I am going to have a baby soon as I am having my baby surrogacy. I got the ultrasound pictures and talked to the surrogate mother on the Skype last week. She is perfectly healthy and doing great as she is holding my baby. The doctors told me that she is being under proper observation as well. I cannot wait now, to go to the clinic to meet the surrogate mother and to bring my child home. All the process was so easy and quick that I could not even imagine it. You should keep surrogacy as your second option if you do not conceive after trying more.

posted 1 year 3 months ago
Hello Minakshi. It’s good to see your positive response towards the forum. This platform has been made to help each other in difficult situations we face. I try to visit the TTC forum daily. Sometimes I cannot when I am very busy with my baby. You might be thinking that what I am doing on this forum if I have nothing to do with TTC. Well, I want to tell you that there was a time when I was depressed like you. After the first year of my marriage my health started to decline and after the tests, I was told of my heart disease. My doctor strictly restrained me to not to try for a baby because I and the baby both can die in this situation. I felt really devastated and my world was torn apart. Then thanks to the forum that I discovered about surrogacy. Surrogacy brought light back to my life. The baby I have now is through surrogacy. It is the most reliable reproductive program for all the infertile women to have their own children. I contacted the clinic after my husband agreed to go with me for the process of surrogacy. His agreement was necessary as the clinic will have to take his sperm and my eggs to form the embryo. The rest of the process was very smooth as the clinical staff guided very well. The services of accommodation, food, and transport were also free for the patients until their stay. Now I am living a happy life with my complete family. We are thinking to have a second baby when the first one grows to a 6-year-old child. Go for surrogacy and you will find everything easy.

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