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What Should I Do When Pregnant

posted 6 years 9 months ago
Hello pals! Let me hope everybody on this forum is okay. I tried conceiving for the second time as you advised me but nothing seems to have changed. I took a solemn oath to never give up. Actually, we did it again for the third time and it was successful. All this success is because of your endless efforts in encouraging me. Since the time I attained pregnancy I have all along lived a very joyful life.

However, I am worried that I may lose it again, which is why I am seeking your advice on how I can maintain it.

posted 6 years 9 months ago
Hello @ Braxton
Your story is very emotive and I’m sure it has distressed many people present on this forum. Having gone through such experiences, and managed to keep your faith to this moment is something, which is rare with many people.
First of all, you should thank God for protecting you all through. Being fertile is a special gift from God. Therefore, it is very important to handle your pregnancy with a lot of care.
Make sure you are in the right environment for the rest of your nursing period. A nursing mother should be around the right people who understand the care that should be given to her.
Avoid places where you can be are subjected to a lot of work. Secondly, ensure you are around people who will cause stress in your life. You need to be always on a balanced diet to prevent cases of deficiency diseases. Furthermore, you should stay away from harsh commotion to prevent any injuries on your lower trunk which may later cause problems.
You should also prevent drug abuse. Drugs have been the main reasons for three thirds of cases of miscarriages on the globe. If you implement these tips you will certainly be safe.

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