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Help Me Know What to Do In Preparation to Conceive

posted 6 years 6 months ago
Help Me Know What to Do In Preparation to Conceive

Thank you pals for your warm welcoming. I’m now very much aware of the where about of this forum. Receiving noble advice from you guys at zero cost is the greatest and luckiest thing ever.

As I had said earlier, I’m looking forward to starting conceiving naturally. I’ll kindly request any brighter minds here to enlighten me on the dos and don’ts that I’m expected to consider for a fruitful period of conceiving.

I’m kind of nervous with the whole issue of conceiving. Actually, it is something I’ve never thought off before. Your advice will be highly appreciated. Thank you!

posted 6 years 6 months ago
Hello @ Braxton
I guess you are among the luckiest girls I’ve ever heard of. Being that bold at your age is a gift, which is very rare. Anyway, the process of trying to conceiving must be treated with much attention due to its delicate nature. This process comes with lots of do’s and don’ts that by any chance, should be highly put into consideration.
As for your case I advise you to look for a professional doctor that will take you through the whole process. Trained doctors are highly skilled and have enough experience in this field. I’m pretty sure that your doctor will be of more importance to you. However, below are some of the tips you should consider during this period.
First and foremost, your nutrition will play a bigger role in the process. A balanced diet is highly recommended for a woman that is working on TTC. This helps in terms of health and also boosts libido.
Secondly, indulging in alcoholism and use of narcotics extremely reduces your sexual anxiety by greater values. Drinking a lot of alcohol has been linked to miscarriages since ages. It was scientifically proven that alcoholism tempers with menstrual cycle in many girls who are yet to conceive. I’ll therefore, warn you against it.

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