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Long Distance Relationship

posted 1 year 4 months ago
Distance has always been a big factor when it comes to keeping up with your relationship. It is often used as an excuse for a break-up:

"I'm moving to another city, this won't work out."

"Long distance never works."

Although, it's true that long distance relationship can be very frustrating and tiring. But, whether things work-out between you two or not, has nothing to do with distance.

There are a lot of benefits that long distance provides in a relationship; like:

More vocal. You learn to be more vocal about your feelings and issues. You are also able to express yourself more, allowing you to be more honest with each other.
Appreciate more. Distance has this ability to make you appreciate your partner more. It allows you to appreciate your relationship in a deeper level. You tend to see them in different perspectives which can be a great delight.
You get to travel. Long distance relationship is always a good reason to travel. Not only are you traveling to see your beloved, you get to experience and see new things that only traveling can provide.
Missing in a good way. Missing someone is not always pleasant, but sometimes missing someone is a good thing. This feeling allows you to distinguish your true feelings for your partner. It is also worth noting that it makes meeting up extra special and exciting!

It's true that long distance relationship is not for everyone. Mostly, those who ventures for "LDR" are those who are engaged with online dating.

There are a lot of success with the use of online dating sites like:, and etc... Most of the success stories starts off with long distance relationship.

There is a reason why online dating has become a new legit way of finding true romance. A lot of the members who have used such sites are either married or are in a continual healthy relationship.

It is about time to relieve "distance" of being a reason for break-ups. Give long distance a chance. Despite the frustration and occasional bouts of feeling lonely, long distance relationship can be rewarding.

How about it? Online dating doesn't seem to be as bad as you might think. If you still have doubts with online dating or long distance relationship… share your thoughts and/or story!

posted 1 year 3 weeks ago
hi, great post actually. but the thing is that it has some flaws. you dont know what your partner is doing. they could even be cheating on you. we build our fake character on dating sites. the other person falls in love with that character not you. same is for you, you fall in love with the character that they have built online. they could be entirely different person in reality.but anyways its your luck what you find.

posted 7 months 1 week ago
Hey great post so far. Glad to read this long distance article.

posted 6 months 22 hours ago
Thanks for sharing!

posted 4 days 16 hours ago
Great post!
I had a relationship at a distance. It's very hard!

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