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Support your partner.

posted 6 years 6 months ago
Hi everybody. Today I want to share my success story with you all. I got married 5 years an ago. Right now I’m 33 and my husband is 37. My hubby was determined with infertility. The sperm was of low quality. It was not traveling to the egg. So we went for the ICS. It’s intracytoplasmic sperm. And it worked for me. And now I’m a happy mother of a handsome boy. I’m really happy. I hope my story will give motivation to you all.
The cause of sharing the story is that. If there is an infertility problem man/women. you should support your partner. Because it’s the main time to show your loyalty and love.

posted 6 years 6 months ago
Hi, Johigracia.
I am excited to learn about your experience. I am a woman, and I know how it feels. Any woman going through fertility related treatment tends to experience both physical and emotional upsets that set in on a regular basis. During the whole period, a woman has to deal with the repercussions associated with the treatment; some of the effects bring about physical side effects. The worst is a situation where one has to deal with feelings allied to sadness and shame. It is at this point that the husband needs to be very supportive, he has a significant role to play bearing in mind that it is his wife undergoing treatment.
Women withstand pain during fertility treatment, which is physical and emotional, but then again, men tend to experience emotional stress. They feel a lot of empathy towards their wives. Sometimes they feel hopeless because there is nothing in their power that can make them relieve the stress all together to give their spouse what they need. I am thrilled that your husband played a very active role in ensuring that you have the relevant support and now you have a handsome baby, he is an example worthy being emulated by other men. Pass my congratulations to him. Thank you.

posted 6 years 6 months ago
Hi! I believe I speak in the name of all on this forum, thank you for this post. It's nice to hear good news. This can motivate everyone with similar issue. Sometimes it helps only to hear something positive. It helps to know there is hope.

posted 6 years 6 months ago
Thank you dear to share your story with us. How wonderful to hear that. I agree you must support your partner. You are in this together. And together you must fight with problems. For better and for worst. Your post will help many couples. It's nice to hear a happy story .

posted 6 years 6 months ago
Wonderful story. Full of hope for those in need. Hope is sometimes everything that you have. Nice to hear some story with happy end. In these times with so many problems a post like this motivates you to go and face your issue. Support is very important to deal with issue. Glad to hear from you that you have been a great support to your husband. Wish you all the best.

posted 6 years 6 months ago
What a nice idea to share your story. I am glad that you succeed. I believe your story motivated some other couples. Wish you all the best in your life. Maybe you will have more good news in future.

posted 6 years 6 months ago
Thank you so much for sharing your story. I'm happy for you and your family! This is so great you found a solution for your problem. You are absolutely right! This is really important to support each other when one of you faces problems with fertility. I'm so lucky to have my husband. He supports me during all this long years of our struggle with infertility. Back in 2012 I had termination of the pregnancy because of my health condition. I can't be more grateful to my husband because he gave me support I needed so much. I knew that situation was really hard for him. Despite this he did his best for me to recover from our loss.

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