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Marijuana and Pregnancy

posted 3 months 3 weeks ago
Hello. I would like to know whether marijuana is dangerous during pregnancy?

posted 3 months 3 weeks ago
Hi, Polina22.
As a mother, what you eat, put on your skin, and smoke ends up affecting your baby. Marijuana is probably one of the substances with the potential of affecting the development of a child's health. Many people eat or smoke marijuana mainly for its effects on one's body. The substance can cause relaxation, euphoria, and also enhanced sensory perception.
The most active compound in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The compound is known to cross the placenta of the mother over to the baby during pregnancy. However, the effects of marijuana during the pregnancy period are unclear because most women who smoke marijuana have a tendency of using other substances such as tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs, which makes it hard to determine the content that could be causing a problem.
Marijuana remains the most used illicit drug in times of pregnancy. The use is high among urban, young, and socioeconomically challenged women. If used during pregnancy, it links to increased risk of some pregnancy-related complications. They include premature birth, low birth weight, stillbirth, small length, and small head circumference. A baby whose mum used marijuana in during pregnancy is likely to have problems while growing older. Such children may end up having trouble with their memory controlling impulses, attention, and school performance. I hope this helps.

posted 3 months 5 hours ago
Although there have been great outcomes on medical marijuana, it is still a NO-NO for pregnant women - absolutely not. Like smoking cigarettes, marijuana can still affect the growth and development of the baby. It may even cause your baby's life!

Another thing is, you're not always up there with marijuana - the high always comes down. And what happens when it goes down? Depression comes in. Frustration comes in. Regret comes in. Not good for you, and definitely not good for the baby.

Please take of your health, for you and your baby.

posted 2 months 3 weeks ago
Hi, Polina22
Marijuana can be used for recreational and has some medicinal value. However Smoking it while pregnant will, certainly, have an impact on the developing baby. It has a compound delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol which when it crosses the mother’s placenta, gets to the baby and may have adverse effects on the growing fetus. So Polina22 if you continue using this substance you are likely to end up with any of the following defects.
Low birth weight- it is possible that continued use of the drug will have an effect on the growing fetus and you are likely to give birth to children with low birth weight.
Premature birth- it is also believed that women who use the substance end up giving birth to premature children
Small head circumference- women who use marijuana during pregnancy risk giving birth to children with heads that are small in circumference.
Stillbirth- Continued use of marijuana will lead to stillbirth
Poline22 notice that continued use of the substance even after the baby has been borne also has some side effects. The most common ones include:

Brain development- continued exposure to THC can affect the baby and interfere with the brain development. It may then result in unexpected responses and affect visual stimuli.
In some cases, it has been observed that women who abuse the substance after giving birth will have their younger babies produce a higher pitched cry.
Trembling – children end up being unsteady and will exhibit trembling signs.

posted 2 weeks 6 hours ago
wouldn't dare!

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