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Birth control pills

posted 6 years 8 months ago
Hi All

I have been using the birth control pills for the last 3 years. Now i want a baby. Me and my partner have talked bout it and i want to get pregnant. But i am not sure on how should i behave with the pills.
Should i stop using them immediately and wait for my periods to come before i plan the pregnancy? Should we use contraceptives while having contact?
How long do i have to stop the use of pills before we try.
Also i was sacred that the long usage of these pills should not harm my body and have any side affects on the baby? Does anyone know of that. Has anyone read anything like ghat or experienced the same before. Let me know your thoughts and views and i would be ready to follow the same. I have consulted my doctor and he has asked me to wait after popping the last pill.

posted 6 years 8 months ago
Hi Neha:
I met the same issue. I took contraceptive pills for more than 3 years. I tried out for pregnancy and now am blessed with a girl child. There is no issue at all. If you are trying for pregnancy, first stop using the birth control pills. Just wait for the menses to come. After the menses see the pregnancy cycle and have sexual contact at least 2 times a day. Do not take any contraceptive during your intercourse. Have a free sex with good thoughts to get a healthy child. Certainly, long term use of contraceptive would lead to side effects. So, stop it and try out peacefully for the baby. All the best. Smile

posted 6 years 8 months ago
Hello, I think is a good thing you are thinking about having a children and that you and your partner have decided to take this step together. Well on your issue, I will tell you to don't worry about the usage of those pills leaving having any long last effect on you. Still I have heard of cases in which it has happened but the time they were on it was only and the cases are extremely rare so don't worry about it. Well as far as I know I think you should stop and then just wait for your period to come just like Linda advice you to do. Still while it may not cause any damage to the body there might be some side effect on your body when you stop taking the pill, which are totally normal. First of all don't think that leaving the pill will cause you to take longer to get pregnant, in fact is usually the opposite, according to studies most of the women who get pregnant which were previously on the pill get pregnant in around 6 months and the furthest at 1 year, which for your who are seeking to get pregnant is quite the good news. On the bad side, your cycle may get a little messed up, I don't know if your periods stopped but as Linda say it may take them a few months to come back and they may not follow the same cycle you had before and change a little because of the pill. Another side effect would be you may suffer heavier and crampier periods when they come back. Although this would be only if before you took the pill you had a lot of blood and pain with your periods, it that wasn't the case then there won't be a problem. So far that is all I know it may happen to you. I wish you good luck, keep us posted.

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