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TTC 45+, looking into surrogacy option

posted 5 years 10 months ago
Hey! On the top, you must carefully research surrogacy laws. You may consult any surrogacy professional he/she could brief you on whether surrogacy is right for you or not. And to sort your second confusion, there are many full-service agencies that claim to match intended parents to a surrogate. You might contact one of those. But you must take precautions before selecting any agency. And that you can do by investigating their history. You must be aware of whether they are responsive enough so you could trust them for your service. Regarding surrogates; it is important to know their home and work environment their reference if any. I have come across so many cases that are being ditched by surrogates. You must contact the well-known surrogacy clinics. Who give their services truly in their must not be any conflicts observed on what they say about themselves and what you hear from others about them. There might be some risk involved in surrogacy so you must be confirmed about the precautions they are taking. There are many countries that are providing their services with no legal obligations. You might look for such you could go far as could with the process.

posted 5 years 10 months ago
Hello there, I am so sorry. I hope you are doing fine now. I do not understand why some countries have made surrogacy illegal. It isn't a bad treatment. It doesn't produce weapons. It is a natural process that lets people have babies. I won't really get their mentality. It really makes me bad. There are some places that don't have surrogacy illegal. You can always go there. I have heard the prices over there are also very affordable. You can always PM me for details. I would really love to help you out. It really makes me happy to see people getting their happiness.

posted 5 years 10 months ago
You have chosen the right way out for your barrenness. I am 43 and have a low ovarian reserve. Therefore I have been searching for surrogacy, laws, surrogate mothers etc. To my surprise, it now has now been the most opted ART by infertile couples. Been following certain forums and they have lots of successful surrogacy stories, which led me to consider surrogacy as my only resort to find a solution to my infertility. I am also experiencing similar to your situation. I know, there are certain countries which are surrogacy friendly. Try searching for the Eastern European countries. They have the most flexible rates and the success rate is higher than of other countries. Surrogacy is no shame, and it allows you to have your own genetic child without having to carry it. So, my advice would be to leave and ignore what people may think and pursue your happiness. Wish you luck.

posted 5 years 8 months ago
I know what you're going through. I'm going through it myself. People can be so rude! They tell you things without even thinking it may hurt. Going to any place with married couples. All conversations are about kids or getting pregnant. The worst thing is when they ask "what are we waiting for". I feel like screaming out! We're trying and it's not happening so stop asking! It's not easy seeing pregnant women either! I know it's hard. 2 people I know just had their 3rd and 4th baby. I'm way behind all of my friends. It's hard when you’re married for a while and people ask "when are you going to have a baby." Especially around Halloween and Christmas. Last Halloween I stayed in and didn't even give out candy and cried. It really does take a lot of self-control on our parts, doesn't it? There have been times where I've felt like saying something rude JUST to make them feel uncomfortable. Sometimes, it's just not ok to ask those questions (especially repeatedly). Sometimes, it's just none of the persons damn business and you don't feel like you should have to explain that to them. That's when I smile and walk away. They're either too dumb to take the hint, or they get it, and they feel like asses. A couple of months ago I had failed ivf cycle. Now I’m waiting to meet my RE and talk about other options we can use to become parents. Good luck to everyone there ttcing! Just keep going and don’t listen to stupid people!

posted 5 years 4 months ago
Wow hoping to use own eggs at 47 is unusual. What does your doctor say regarding this? I'm 41 and I won't be accepted into any treatment programs with my eggs.

You can find information about where it's allowed on the internet. Just search for law worldwide and then google clinics there and read reviews. There are hundreds of them believe me. It's important to contact clinics personally, otherwise you have to trust other people's reviews and I wouldn't. Each journey is different you know. I had to travel to the country and met representatives of different fertility centers to make sure my choice would be right.

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