Hello once again, I have come to see this forum as a place in which I think I can trust to recieve good advice and opinions. So I would like if any of you could help me with this case. I have a friend and we going together through this journey which is known as TTC. Both of us are around 7 months in this path and so far she hasn't go to the doctor, she want to wait for 1 year to pass before asking for the help of an specialist. A couple of days ago something strange happened though, she began to have weird symptoms, her breast felt sore, she had cramps and some small bleeding but according to her her AF wasnt due till today. Another was that she felt more and more tired those days, which to me it seemed quite weird as I knew her as a very energetic persons we checked and it seemed like she was pregnant. While the initial test give a no as an answer her symptoms make us believe that maybe it was still early and we leave it at that. Today I meet with her and ask her about it, I expected her to be all happy about it and totally brag about being pregnant before me. Instead she appeared all meek and sad, I asked her what had happened to her as far as I know her BFP was just a matter of time. She explained me that her AF arrived just like usual. I asked her what about her symptoms, she just said as her AF seemed to come the symptoms slowly began to slowly fade. She seemed really heartbroken and disappointed and I dont really blame her, the two of us really though she would be pregnant, knowing it wasn't the case should have been quite a disappointment. Still the who issue seemed weird and told her to talk with her doctor about it. Has anyone seen a case like this? I would like some opinions.