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Parenting and spirituality

posted 6 years 10 months ago
What is the role of spiritualty in rasing our children? Does it have any impcactin their lives?

posted 6 years 10 months ago
Raising kids spiritually gives your child a benefit of understanding the things quicker and faster. He knows and can differentiate the good from bad and the bad from good. Therefore you must make your children spiritually aware and by this I am not saying that he/she should be related to a religion or a sect. Let them choose if they want any religion but I feel a spiritual and a religious being is way more important than being religious and spiritual. Let him/her have a purpose in life and let them find out the purpose on their own. Your role as a father or a mother is very crucial in bringing up your children. So make good choices and teach them to make good and wise choices as well. Spirituality plays a very important role in a child’s life. Lot of scholars have professed making the children spiritually aware. Although your kids could be bit younger for a serious spiritual talk, but you can start fostering their spiritual side in other manners. For now you can encourage them to be kind to people and animals around and mention your faith when you answer their questions. Also it is okay not to know all the answers so you can let your child know that even you are learning with each passing day. You may use daily events to teach spiritual things by using expressions like Mother Nature, Dear God and so on in your conversation. You can also connect with them by telling them stories or some instances where you were being spiritual and it helped you. Introduce a simple form of prayer and let them know that prayer is like creating a connection with Supreme Being. So even if you are not all that religious and spiritual, making your children spiritually aware will be helpful.

posted 6 years 10 months ago
Hi dear!
As a parent, you are a ruler of your children. You are responsible for what they do and who they become. So bringing up the children in a spiritual way will not just make it easier for you to rule them but will help them lead a good life. You see, it is easier to prepare your child for a bright and a successful life. Children who are brought up in a religious environment have excellent character and are likely to live longer and become successful in their life. Remember that children are born pure and that the environment in which they live will determine who they become. A child will always learn from the parents. So if you are spiritual, they will learn from you and copy what you do. Parents should always set a good example to their children. That what they are taught while they are still young sticks in their heads and will eventually mold their behavior. For instance, children who watch particular characters on TV will always want to imitate the characters and behave like them. So exposing them to spiritual characters will direct their behavior.

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