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Boy or girl?? Any ideas?

posted 10 months 1 day ago
One again I would like to thank anyone who were kind enough to give information and support for my friend. But today I would like to lighten the mood with a different topic. I have heard that there are people who had some sort of rituals or things they do when trying to get pregnant which help them decide the genre of their children. Things like diet, positions when doing the BD and many more, it does makes me curious to think about it. While I know one shouldn't impose a genre to their children and should love them regardless of if they wanted them to be a boy or girl I find this topic as a way for many people, myself included, to release some stress and have a small laugh. I mean I really know TTC is a really stressful period for many people, so please share. Do you want a boy or a girl? What kind of advice you know about the topic? Please share your thoughs.

posted 10 months 1 day ago
Hello once again Alice. I do find this topic also quite interesting. Although I dont believe that a parent could decide their kids genre nor that I see any point in doing so. At this point in which you had been trying for so long you are thankful regardless of the genre. I dont think there is anything one can do to have their child have a gender they want and while I find the topic quite interesting I also find it quite dumb. But as you say this for the sake of getting a laugh and blow up stress. Sorry if I sounded rude earlier Alice. Well have to admit I would really like a cute daughter if it were up to me the choice. While me husband seems to want a boy he is also quite happy and concerned about having a girl. He is already a little jealous with me, I wonder how would he behave if we were to have a girl and when she were to grew up and star a relationship. I can imagine him freaking out just by thinking about it. That being said I have read while doing some research that for having a girl one must have sex 3 or 4 days prior ovulation as is it said girl sperm seems to be survive longer inside the woman. So it necesary to do the BD with anticipation so by the time the ovulation occurs only the girl sperm would remain. For when wanting a boy I think is the completely opposite is necesary to to the BD on the very night of the ovulation as boy sperms die faster is necesary for the man to release the closest he can to the womb to have a boy. Well while I do not think it may work it does seem quite fun to try. You are right Alice it does seems like a nice way of blowing off some stress.

posted 10 months 1 day ago
Hi dear ...........

Its all about the thinking .............. There is no difference between boy and girl . Both are equal .Especially at present time where boys and girls are working equally, infact girls are more successful as compare to boys in each and every field . Girls are multi tasking she can handle her profession and personal life simultaneously very well

She perform too good in both (family and job) So its totally peoples mentality.

posted 10 months 1 day ago
Just like you said, we shouldnt impose sex of the baby. They should be loved as they come. If these rituals or what they call them or do would be true just imagine how on one part of the world you would probably find 90% boys and on the other girls. That should be left to God alone. Ours is to take good care of them

posted 10 months 23 hours ago
Hello dont worry Brenda it wasnt rude. You have your opinion as anyone else. I want to say I do agree with all of you. Trying to choose a babies genre is quite silly actually, I personally dont believe it actually works. But as I said I think this would be a nice way to take our minds of out situation and relax a little from TTC. I been told many times that is nice to stop thinking about it once in a while.

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