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Sex during pregnancy

posted 6 years 11 months ago
Hi ladies! I'm 4 months pregnant and everything seems to be ok, but I'm just wondering if it's ok to have regular sex when there's a baby growing inside me... What's your experience?

posted 6 years 11 months ago
Well I dont have actual experience on that as I'm still trying to get pregnant so me and my husband been doing it quite a lot when Im ovulation. Still that was also a concern I had as I want to be ready for when my I family get pregnant I have quite a weird talk with my mom and my doctor about if it and there doesnt seem to be any risk. Although he did mention there were cases in which it could although that mostly depends on your own health and how your pregnancy continues to develop. So just in case I recommend you to ask your doctor just to be sure.

Also sorry this is a bit late. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! If you are so concerned about your future baby im quite sure you will be an amazing mom.

posted 6 years 11 months ago
Thank you, that's very kind of you. Smile I hope I will do my best, it surely won't be easy. I keep my fingers crossed for you and wish you all the best. Smile

posted 6 years 10 months ago
I don't see anything wrong will that.As a matter of fact its more relaxing . Just ask him to be gentle

posted 6 years 10 months ago
Hi KatyKate:
There will not be any problem having sex during pregnancy. But you should be careful about the position. Tell your husband to handle you gently. Do not hold the relationship for a long time, which would make you very tired. Actually, having sex during the conception makes you feel relaxed. So, do not afraid about that. You may have it till child birth, but the position and activity should be concerned. Also keep an eye on hygiene. This is my personal experience am sharing with you.

posted 6 years 10 months ago
Hello, sorry I am commenting so late on the topic, last month was quite a chaotic time for me so I think I just miss it up. That being said, I dont have children yet, I am still TTC for the last 3 years and right now I am saving up along with my husband for my next treatment with the hopes of finally being able to have a child. That being said, I did ask my doctor the same question Katy, me and my husband distract ourselves from our situation while doing some research and planning to some degree what would we do once I finally manage to get pregnant. Believe it or not is a really nice way to relieve some stress and at the same time we manage to get readier for the future. As you see were concerned about possible repercussions having sex while being pregnant could have the baby. We didnt wanted to risk to cause any problems to him just because we wanted some fun and so while being in one of the appointments with my doctor we asked him this. The doctor told us it was a somewhat common concern and that there was no problems while at the first stages of pregnancy, although he did told us to not try anything too rough. That being said he also say that is was safe till the middle of the second trimester as it more or less depended on how the pregnancy continue to develop, depending the cases the doctor may ask the couple to stop any sexual activity as it may end up being dangerous for the pregnancy depending on the situation. So I think you are now on your 5th month so maybe you should consult you doctor when you have your usual appointments and continue having sex with your DH as long as your doctor give both of you the green light. I wish you well and I hope it goes well for you.

posted 6 years 10 months ago
Hello my dear, congratulations on your pregnancy and it is really great to face this amazing and beautiful moment in your life. It is always one of the most wonderful moments of any woman’s life to become pregnant. Pregnancy is very beautiful as well as complex process for your life. It is very important to take complete care of your health and nutrition in this stage. When it comes to having sex during pregnancy it is very important to consider your current health and physical condition. If you want to face this situation very normally, it will be a good option to consult your health expert. Only your health expert can provide good advice with this condition because he will check your Physical health condition and will give you good advice with it. If you are having normal and healthy pregnancy, it will be safe to have sex in most of the cases. If your body is going through any pregnancy complications, it is my advice that you should avoid sex in that condition. It is also important to live healthy and active Lifestyle to keep your pregnancy healthy and normal. If you want to get physical help during your pregnancy, it will be a good option to get help with exercises and yoga. You should also give importance to good nutrition during pregnancy. You should add some healthy nutrients to your regular diet to keep your body healthy and fit during pregnancy. With regular exercise and good nutrition, you will be able to get help to have a healthy pregnancy. I hope it will work for you and you will face this beautiful time of your life in a perfect way.

posted 6 years 9 months ago
Depends on what kind of sex we are talking about here lol! But if it is done in a gentle, loving way, i see no issue here. and im pretty sure you wont do bdsm on your 4th month hah!

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