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How can abnormal sperm production affect fertility in a woma

posted 6 years 11 months ago
How can abnormal sperm production affect fertility in a woman? It is a question that I always ask myself and up to date, I have never found the substantial answer. We would try to conceive but it could not work. The only option that was left was to visit the doctor. My reproductive organs as well as for my hubby were intact and none seemed not to function abnormally. That was the first test which gave me a clean bill of health. I remember we would go home happy and had the energy to try and conceive more. Only to realize later that my husband could not fertilize me due to enlarged veins in the testes. We took almost a whole year for him to accept his condition. Every other time we would visit the doctor, he could not find anything amiss. All seemed to work out alright. It took the intervention of a senior doctor in a referral hospital to explain everything about his condition. Even the doctor himself was in awe when he learnt that the quality of my sperms was poor. “What does this mean doc?” I angry retorted. No one would dare imagine such deafening news on such a hot afternoon. My husband is very stressed now and I am not unable to resuscitate his strength back. How can we get a child now? I am so confused at the moment.

posted 6 years 6 months ago
Hi Kim,
I'm so sorry you're going through this. Yes, indeed this is heartbreaking. To have a child is the dream of almost every couple. And when you can't have one (that also years of TTC), it simply destroys you in various ways. It affects your marriage/relationship/love drastically, to the point of damaging. While I sincerely hope no such thing happens with you. Since you sound so good-natured of a human. And the fact that you went of out of your way to be helped. Only to have a child. Here's one option for you to fight against the infertility problem (that your husband has, and not you). If you really want to be a mother, the universe will conspire to help you become one. That's the good news you can be given in these modern times. Thanks to the progress of science and everything. Now, without further ado, I'd recommend you to switch to available options of having a child such as IVF or Surrogacy. You can go with Gestational Surrogacy, since you can still carry pregnancy. Am I right? Blessings your way!

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