My life started being difficult the time I got married. That was the time I learnt that I could not conceive. I could not get fertilized easily. It was a time of trauma and anguish. The tough times and tests that I underwent were so pathetic that no human being would imagine stepping or go the route I followed. Up to date, I could not get fertilized however much sperm was pumped into my body. Nothing seemed to work out in my life. In all the clinics that I visited in my country, all were so expensive and none seemed to match the depth of my pockets. Everything seemed to become hard and difficult by day and night. Life seemed to move on so slowly at a snail’s pace. Implantation could not occur in my uterus as I underwent miscarriage immediately there was an attempt to implant. I have now been wondering whether to go for surrogacy or not. Everything seems to take a different route and becoming worse with each ticking second. Despite being legal in my country, it is too much expensive to husband and I we are too much worried. Kindly if you are aware of a clinic that is cost friendly and will meet all our needs let us know. I am very desperate and in need of a child. I will greatly appreciate your effort with the advice you will give us.