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Time to see a doctor?

posted 1 year 1 month ago
Hi, my name is Alicia and I'm 32 years old. I been married with my husband for what it would be around 3 years. And so, we came to decide that we wanted a child, I always loved children I grew up with a little brother who also used to call me mommy and it always leave a warm feeling inside of me when he did.
Unfortunately until the date I haven't been able to get pregnant and in all honestly Im beginning to get worried. I do know this things get time and is not like me nor my husband can force it. But my concern is this:
Should we consider seeing an specialist and see if there is a problem?

posted 1 year 1 month ago
hi, alicia, yes you should consult a doctor or a fertility clinic if you think you may be facing infertility issue. Good luck

posted 1 year 3 weeks ago
Hi, thank you I decided to wait a little more to a year. Right now I changed to BBT tracking to keep a better on my own cycle and see if that shows any result. I forgot to add this on the previous post but we had been trying only for 6 months so far. I was just getting a little impatient as I really didnt knew there so many ways of keeping check of my body when TTC. I really though I only needed to prepare my body and keep going at it.

posted 11 months 6 days ago
Hello, you are right! It is world's best moment of being a mother. This moment is really heart touching moments even you can’t forget this type of moment. In my opinion, every ladies have a dream to become an own child mother. But in your case, if you are not being a mother for last many years, then you must need to get some professional or well experienced and well knowledgeable doctor who will check your issues and sort out as soon as they can. but at this time, you also need to take your family support especially your husband support because I am also a mother and I well know that how much important these types of support. It helps you to get more confidence and fearless. But first of all, you need to talk with your husband regarding this point and if you husband agree then you can get them. Generally, it is possible to get pregnant within 1 year but in your case, you already did many years, so you must take some professional support.

posted 11 months 5 days ago
Hello, dear! You are absolutely right. It's time to consult the specialist. I know how hard it is to wait for a positive result. I was trying to get pregnant for 3 years. Thank God I didn't give up and visited several doctors to find out the reason. I had no problems but my husband did. Unfortunatelly, it took a lot of time to take him to the doctor. But I'm glad that he agreed. Anyway, before I found out that my husband had some problems, I used to go through some treatments. To say truth, we thought we will never have kids. But our doctor helped us. Now we have an amzing son. He looks like my husband You know, there's nothing better than being a mother. I just hope that soon we will get pregnant again. And I wish you the same!

posted 11 months 4 days ago
Hello my dear friend, welcome to this forum and I hope you will find a good solution of your problem with good advice. It is a dream of every woman to become a mother of any beautiful baby. I can understand your problem that you are unable to conceive and you are trying from a long time. First of all, you should not lose hope and happiness in your life because of this problem. It is very common to face such problem of infertility and many couples are facing this problem all over the world. There can be many reasons for this problem and solution of infertility issue is also available. It is very important to know about reason of your infertility and only a good health expert can help you to know about reason of infertility. You should get help of any professional and experienced health expert who can provide help with you infertility treatment. If you want to get good treatment, you will find many trusted and certified infertility clinics all over the world. If you want to find some good clinic, you can get help at various infertility clinics in Ukraine. They have good experience to provide such treatment and you will also find it cost effective as compared to many Western countries. To get rid of this problem, it is very important to find solution for your stress and health. If you want to improve your health and want to prepare your body for pregnancy, you should switch to Healthy lifestyle and you should add some exercise and good nutrition to your lifestyle. I also faced this issue and I got help with Healthy lifestyle and treatment at infertility clinic. I hope you will also find good treatment for your problem.

posted 10 months 3 weeks ago
Last edited by Violet1 9 months 1 day ago
Hi, ladies. I agree with u that the best thing is to be a mom for a beautiful baby. No words can describe the motherhood. It’s so harmful if u want a baby but u can’t be pregnant. I want to share you my story, I’m a wife since 2013, I haven’t got any babies till now. all the time I tried to conceive but the result was frustrating. I’ve no time to prepare food at home so most of the time I ate fast-food. My weight is over 90 K.G and I’ve irregular period. I’m so upset what can I do?. Is there anybody here having a bit of advice?. Thanks in advance.

posted 10 months 3 weeks ago
Hello Alicia! I'm so sorry you couldn't conceive during these 3 years. You should definitely visit a doctor. They will give you the knowledge about medical checks you should undergo. You should definitely do the whole medical check to know what the reason of your long TTC. I would advise you do this as soon as possible and not to waste time. As I know it is considered to be "ok" if you don't get pregnant during first year of trying. After a year if you don't get pregnant you should visit a doctor. This’s important for both of you to make a thorough check of your health. I'm not saying that you for sure have some problems with fertility. Maybe it's not the time yet and very soon you will get pregnant and everything will be fine. But just to make sure that your fertility is in perfect condition, you should visit a specialist. I hope you will find the reason of your inability to conceive. I wish you best of luck!

posted 10 months 3 weeks ago
Dear Alice.
Thank you for your post. You probably have a fertility problem that you need to fix. I have noted the response given by your hubby, and a man would always want to make you feel secure and comfortable at a time when the going is tough. Unfortunately, don't expect your man to fix the fertility issue that is facing you as a couple. He will listen to you and reassure you, but he will not make the problem go away. You need to identify a fertility clinic for assistance. Given that you are now 32 years, you should not hesitate, go over and see the experts to take you through the whole process. You will need to go with your hubby. If results show infertility on your part, then your hubby's support in the treatment journey will be a necessity. I once went through a fertility treatment, and I used to feel very tired. Hormonal imbalances used to cause me nausea and fatigue, but my husband was always there for me. Your hubby will give you all the affection that you need during this time, what you need is the feeling of togetherness to make you feel strong, capable and confident to overcome the fertility issues in your marriage.

posted 10 months 3 days ago
Hey Alice, If you have tried everything out of your comfort zone to try to conceive and it did not help, then you should probably see a specialist immediately without much ado! Then only you will come to know about the real problem and start working on it! And if there would be any infertility issues, then there are good clinics out there to help you get pregnant! So don't worry, first get yourself checked Smile good luck

posted 9 months 3 weeks ago
You should definitely visit the fertility specialist. There's no need to waste your time. You are 32 and it shouldn't be a problem for you to conceive. That's why I highly recommend you to consult the doctor. Even if you are fine there's always a chance that you need some stimulation or supportive treatment.
I still regret that I spent so many years TTC. My doctor kept saying that I was fine. But after two miscarriages and one still birth I decided to give up. It was awful. Loosing one baby after another. I don't wish it to any woman. That's why I'm saying you not to waste your time. Start doing something to figure out if you still can give birth.
I'm sure you are fine, dear. But you will be less stressed out if you will check it all.

posted 4 months 1 week ago
Hello my dear help seeker. hope you are doing well. It has been a long time since you started the TTC. It is really sad that at this young age your TTC failed. After 35 it becomes more challenging. This is the right time to get your tests done. Here we can console you and make you feel better. What can make a difference is your professional advice.

posted 4 months 6 days ago

Alice2321 said:
Hi, my name is Alicia and I'm 32 years old. I been married with my husband for what it would be around 3 years. And so, we came to decide that we wanted a child, I always loved children I grew up with a little brother who also used to call me mommy and it always leave a warm feeling inside of me when he did.
Unfortunately until the date I haven't been able to get pregnant and in all honestly Im beginning to get worried. I do know this things get time and is not like me nor my husband can force it. But my concern is this:
Should we consider seeing an specialist and see if there is a problem?
Hi there Alice. How are you doing dear? I know how difficult can conception be. Yes! You should really consider it now! I think that can be a good idea to go with. Because its' really important to know the root cause. So, yeah! I hope you get diagnosed what's going on with you? Many people waste years before going to a doctor, which isn't fine. Later turns into a huge problem. Anyhow! Stay blessed dear. xx

posted 4 months 6 days ago
Hey there Alice. Glad to hear from you. I hope things are going great. I am really sorry to hear that it's been long since you started TTC. I know waiting is really hard. Sometimes things take time. However, if you think it been really long. You should go and consult a doctor. Don't waste your time. Maybe a doctor will be able to help you. IF things don't work out there are other options. You can consider IVF or surrogacy too. I hope things work out naturally. I wish you good luck. Take care. Hoping to hear positive soon.

posted 4 months 5 days ago
It is great to read from your side but at the same time it is really sad. You are 32 and trying hard for 3 years since your marriage. It is not a crucial age. The complications usually begin after 35. It is natural to get desperate for the children. A child bonds the couple together. Your feelings are not something to be scared of. You should get yourself thoroughly checked. Only a professional is able to tell you that what is the problem in the delays. I am very hopeful that once you get the diagnosis you will able to reach the right conclusion. There are ample chances to conceive if your diagnosis and then the treatment is done in the right direction there will soon be a good news for you. Don't let the urge of becoming a mother die. Stay hopeful. The delays can be because of number of reasons. Thats why I am suggesting you to go for a check up. It would really turn out to be something like a miracle. I think if there is some physical weakness leading to the infertility then it can be resolved with the help of supllements and medicatons. In case of more complicated situation you can have other treatments too. I wish you all the best in the coming days.

posted 4 months 4 days ago
hey. you should definitely go to a doctor. this thing needs to be tested and taken into consideration. it's good that you overcome issues at early times. consulting a doctor might reveal causes of your infertility. h might prescribe something good too. one should be taking care of there health. and regular check-up is necessary too already. so dear to go to a specialist and take to what can you do to prevent your issue. it's nice that your husband understands this. so no rush girl. stay sane. you have many beautiful years to go. doing things at the right time is important. so don't worry. no need to get worried. i hope it will be all alright. do let me know whatever hapens. here to support you. much love.

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