If my ovaries fail to release ova, what is the best alternative to regain my fertility? Ok, my problem started as this. When I started to receive my monthly periods, I started feeling pain in the lower abdomen. I first thought it was an infection of or cysts development in my uterus. But it was actually not. After twenty-eight days, I waited for another period but I couldn’t. This time it happened almost on the thirty-first day of the second month. The absence of periods amazed me to the bone and I never even had the mood for intercourse. My husband insisted a lot we conceive but I couldn’t at all. It was not my fault as I had been experiencing a premature ovarian failure. I faced the wrath of infertility with my naked eyes. Anytime I experienced infrequent periods, it was followed with unusual heavy menstrual bleeding. I never experienced premature premenstrual symptoms like bloating and breast tenderness. In desperation, I am now looking for an appropriate IVF egg donation where I can be guaranteed of pregnancy and get my second baby. I have lost hope with the many clinics that are around my place of residence. They are charging too high and I can’t afford to keep up with their price. What should I do to become fertile again?