I really need to get fertile again after destroying my health with alcoholic beverages. As a drunkard, I always ignored all the health repercussions that would arise from excessive drinking. I started experiencing some irregular menstrual cycles with no chances of conception. Little did I know I was in the process of infertility. Asking all my friends for guidance and consolation, they laughed me off and ran away from me. Life became too unbearable for me and I had even decided to commit suicide. My hopes and chances of getting my own baby were too slim. When the time came to get married and started being so active sexually, I couldn’t conceive however much I tried. My life was in danger. I was clueless on the next step I would take to regain my fertility. All my ovaries were damaged and were very inactive to produce ova. As what looked to be the obvious thing, I started moving from hospital to hospital for guidance and to ask for my next step. This time, I was given some medicine to boost my body’s capability to produce luteinizing hormones and follicle stimulating hormones. Still, it couldn’t work. I am now opting for egg donation as I find it the easy way out. Through my research, I have come to learn it is too expensive in my country and I am now wondering where else on earth I can go.