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right treatment for infertility

posted 7 years 2 days ago
What is the right treatment for infertility? I am now in deep thoughts without knowing what to do next. Oblivious of the sexually transmitted infections, I could do unsafe sex with a lot of zeal and joy. It was my time to enjoy life. Little did I know I was putting a veil in front of myself. All my fallopian tubes have been damaged and the chances of getting fertilised are very slim. So, I have to live a life of worry and anguish. The gonorrhoea infections had eaten away my cervical canal and my uterus. After medication, it became very easy for me to conceive but this time my ovaries were unable to produce ova. Still, in my deep thoughts, I decided to go and seek medical attention. I did it this time too hopeful of something good to happen. To my awe and surprise, I was told I couldn’t give birth to a child at any single time. All my fallopian tubes had been damaged through infections. Problems started raining on me from that day henceforth. My chances and hopes of conception were swayed and I had to remain worried all my life. The only option that is still left up to date is IVF egg donation as I was advised it would work well with me. But what should I do and it is very expensive in my country? I am very much worried with grief filled all over my face.

posted 6 years 9 months ago
Hello friend, I can understand your physical and mental stage due to this horrible infertility problem. You need not panic about this horrible situation in your life. You can easily overcome this infertility problem with advanced medical research based treatment that has capacity to provide healthy baby gift in your life like me. I also face infertility problem just 2 year ago. Now I am happy and healthy enjoying my marriage life with my baby girl that is dream of every woman to get perfection in motherhood. I want to accept my husband support to get world-class medical waste treatment to defeat my infertility problem in short time period.
You can choose IVF test tube baby treatment to defeat infertility in easy and effective way. This is most popular and reliable that has capacity to provide real value of time and money that fulfill your all wish. The next you find IVF test tube baby treatment is little expensive but you can I earn maximum benefit with healthy baby gift that is beneficial for in many ways. The next powerful treatment is surrogacy treatment that is most popular treatment to avoid multiple miscarriage problems. The miscarriage problem is horrible demon problem in life to protect healthy baby dream in their life. You can choose natural way to conceive to defeat infertility problem with understanding your body organ systems very well. You should live healthy lifestyle and balanced diet to maintain your body and mind in balance to see sudden magic effect on your body and mind to conceive naturally. You should understand each and every signal very well to overcome all type of pregnancy related problem at early stage that create win-win situation for you.

posted 6 years 9 months ago
Hello dear! My DH and I are using clinic in Europe. We are in surrogacy procedure but as I know they have IVF programs as well. The clinic has high rates of success. We have no claims and pretty satisfied with service and procedure itself. PM me if you'd like to know more info. I wish you good luck with your search! And of course I wish you all the best with your future procedure!

posted 6 years 5 months ago
Hey there. I hope that you're doing good. I'm so sorry for your infertility. Gonorrhea infections are hell a harmful to the body. They destroy all the vaginal lining and uterus. A child born with such diseases have eye infections. But don't worry. Thanks to IVF. You can use a donor egg. You can be able to have children by this process. It's getting successful all over the World. It gives the chance of having children to those who can't. Everyone desires for children. Everyone wants to have them. So stop regretting your past mistakes. Look forward to the positivity. You'll be alright. Take care of yourself. Best of luck!

posted 6 years 5 months ago
Hello saw!!! I read your post and I am really disheartened for you. it’s a heartbroken moment for a lady when she came to know that she can’t conceive in her life. It’s not your fault. Don’t let yourself down for this. Nature is agreed on this thing. If you are left with only surrogacy option, then I think must have an appointment. But before that enjoy your life. Have fun with your beloved ones and go on worldwide tour. After that leave yourself for a clinic and let them do what they want. Hopes and wishes are with you!!!

posted 6 years 5 months ago
dear saw! i am sad, deeply saddened by the situation you are in but i must say that your life is an example to all the young women out there who do unsafe sex with anybody they find and now they have to face the threats of infertility and many more.You have ruined your life but worry not let this time pass.I know the procedures of IVF are expensive but you must go for a procedure which has more success rate so your money does not go into total waste.You must go for surrogacy.Rest is your take.

posted 6 years 5 months ago
Honey, I know exactly how you feel and trust me I what you to know that you are not alone in this, Literally millions of women are going through the same issue.These times will surely pass.Also, I would suggest you start your IVF cycles and if you still have fertile eggs you can always go for DE IVF.Best of luck and may we all be blessed with a beautiful family of our own.Here a little baby dust for everyone thanks you for the thread.

posted 6 years 5 months ago
saw I can understand your problem. Like every woman, you are also eager to have kids. It’s the desire of every woman. You cannot say that she is being jealous that’s why she is demanding or trying for a baby. it’s everyone right to have. The only difference is some get early and some get later. It has been seen that after facing failure in IVF woman tend their direction towards surrogacy and some agree to the adoption. But some have surrogacy from a well-reputed clinic. But as you said you can’t afford the expenses of the clinic so better is to adopt a child. have a happy life with him/her.

posted 6 years 4 months ago
saw I read your whole post and come to know that you are tired of your daily hypertension. You want to know about the best infertility treatment. Well, adoption is also a choice. You can adopt a baby. but if you want to have your own baby genetically then you may have to go for egg donation treatment. IVF is another option with surrogacy. some clinics are offering 90% surety that they will lead to success. So make a try and have a safe and nice experience.

posted 5 years 9 months ago
As per my opinion, Infertility is a common problem. But if you're having trouble getting pregnant, talk to your healthcare provider to find out that fertility treatment is right for you.

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