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hope of getting pregnant

posted 1 year 6 months ago
I still have hope that I will get pregnant again. Due to my poor lifestyle, I always thought that staying without doing exercise will improve my health. I never thought my poor thinking would limit my chances of conceiving. As I grew, I experienced my monthly periods normally with no cause for alarm. I couldn’t imagine that one day it I would become obese and lack the capability to conceive and get the baby of my own. I was full of energy oblivious of anything good or bad that could happen in my life. As I progressed with age I started experiencing my ovulation cycle started to happen irregularly. It stopped all at once upon reaching twenty-one years old. At this time, I had finished my studies and I thought it would be too wise of me to get married and sire a kid. I did it and my dream never came to pass. It was an illusion hanging precariously in front of my eyes. When things got worse, I decided to go for medical checkups. That is when I realised I was not in a position to conceive. My blood vessel around the uterus and fallopian tubes were constricted and couldn’t allow enough blood to flow to my reproductive organs. The only option that was left was to reduce my weight off I opt for IVF egg donation. I decided to go with the former. Still, even after drastically reducing my weight, it couldn’t work at all. Now I am living a very low life and the procedure of egg donation is too expensive. Will I ever get a child of my own? I am very desperate for one.

posted 2 months 4 weeks ago
I understand your situation, be positive with your situation.

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