Can infertility relate to age? That is a question that I used to ask myself the time I started ovulating. The first time I started to ovulate I was very happy as it was obvious that I would get a child of my own. Days passed and I ovulated as normal up to a point when something happened. I couldn’t get a baby nor could I conceive. It was so unfortunate to me and I had to worry almost too often as I never knew what my life would be. No one can ever have a joy of lack of a child. Worse still I wanted to think of IVF egg donation but I could hesitate immediately I thought about it. In my country, it is very expensive despite being legal. I lived a life of an introvert and I couldn’t mingle with people easily. Over and over again I used to be laughed off by my very close friends. Life seemed to be too strange for me and my husband. Who can help me? where can I get the right fertility? Those are the questions that I always ponder thinking what to do next. In my tender age when I was supposed to think of getting a child, I ignored the advancing age and even got married when I was too old. I am now looking for advice whether it is possible for me to become fertile through any other means. As of now, I have tried everything even with my husband and we were unable.