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I need some advice.

posted 7 years 1 week ago
Hello, my husband and I been trying for around 6 months to have a baby. I prepared my body and we tried quite a lot in this last year. I really though I would be pregnant by this moment so I can help but think there is something wrong with me. Is hard to talk this with my husband as he is the sweetest guy you could ever imagine. Even when he was the most excited by the idea of having a baby he has been very patient with me. Everytime we see a failed test he just smiles at me and tell me “This things take time.”

Im really concerned about what is about to happen. I been using BBT every morning and to keep a check on my cycle and time intercourse with my husband. Until now all of that had been for naught and so I talked with my husband and told him we should try to see an specialist. He kept his calm demeanor and make the appointment while keep reassuring me all would be okay. But cant help but think the worse, I know he is being strong for me and I give god thanks for that but seeing him try so hard to make me feel better also makes me feel really guilty about it. Because I know that he must feel as concerned as me about this situation but he keeps it all inside to not worry me.
The appointment was a few days ago and we are now waiting for my results. Since the last few days I been unable to relax at all and I can only imagine the doctor giving us bad news. I ask to anyone who ever was in such a similar situation. Should I really be that worried? Are the chances of bad news really high or maybe Im been so stressed about this whole issue that I, myself, been making it harder for us to have a baby.

posted 6 years 9 months ago
I am so sorry for this painful situation in your life. I am feeling pity and pain from bottom of my heart due to this horrible problem in your life. I want to pray God to provide sufficient positive energy in this negative situation. The first and foremost thing, I want to suggest you to handle this difficult situation with positive attitude and positive impression that provide sufficient energy to boost your confidence and help you to overcome this horrible situation in your life. I am here for you to provide valuable information to overcome this difficult situation on behalf of my personal life experience that provides satisfaction in my life to help you. I am one of the lucky women who get healthy baby gift in my life to conceive natural.
There are 20% women who are facing problem in conceiving natural in this digital world with less physical activity. This is major responsible factor for creating hormone imbalance that leads to infertility at early stage. I am feeling happy to see that you are on the right path to achieve your target and learn from my past mistakes.
You should be very informative to understand your body hormone signal very well. It is very important to have regular period cycle that is directly connected to reproduction system for smooth working in genuine way. It is very important to have real bonding with your partner to understand each other physical needs and emotion variable to maintain proper balance in your marriage life to corporate each other to defeat this horrible problem. You should consume iron food that maintains high hemoglobin level in your blood to conceive naturally. I am waiting for your reply to hear good news soon that is dream of every woman to become perfect mother in life.

posted 6 years 9 months ago
Hi, Alecorb.
Thank you for highlighting to us about your journey towards pregnancy. You've only had TTC for six months; it is advisable you try for one year before becoming worried. The fact that you have been using BBT shows just how informed and serious you are, and believe you me, your efforts will soon bear fruit. However, there are some few things that you need to grasp fully; for example, you need to detect any hormonal changes in your body besides getting the basal temperature to know your ovulation is due. You also need to feed on the right nutrition, and this also applies to your hubby since men tend to think they are okay when they probably aren't, get a diet that will improve your ability to become pregnant. Above all, you need to avoid any negative thoughts and feelings as it will stress you, just focus on the present and don't delve into deep thoughts about the future, remain optimistic. Although you didn't tell us about your age, I think you are still young and have the potential of getting into motherhood soon. As you wait to meet the doctor, remain optimistic that the results will be encouraging, remember you are not alone, many women passed through such situations and ended up emerging victorious.

posted 6 years 8 months ago
It's been quite a while since your post... I hope your results were all good!

I really liked how you praised your husband. People like him need to be appreciated. You, being his wife, should also think that whenever you go in front of him, don't look sad. Try to cheer him up as well. He must have the desire to become a father too. Who knows maybe his desire is even stronger than you... Being a male partner, the one who is supposed to console everyone even when he himself is going through hell, he is doing his duty.

I used to feel sad as well when doctors told me that I was infertile. I'd not sleep through nights. My husband, he is as nice as yours, would stay awake all night, trying to make me stop crying. He had to go to work in the morning too. I was so selfish at that time. All I cared about was me. I wanted a baby and I was so obsessed with the idea that I forgot to take care of the person I love. My suggestion to you is that no matter how were your results, don't go all hard on yourself and your partner.

posted 6 years 5 months ago
Hi dear
Now it is unfortunate that you find yourself in that position. TTC is a long journey and requires patience and tolerance. It is good that your husband understands what is happening and as you say he is just trying to be strong for you. It is also possible that your husband knows exactly what is happening and he is hesitant to tell you. After I read through your post, I concluded that it is possible that your husband is clueless or knows more about the cause. You know men are fast. They don’t take a lot of time thinking about an issue as women do. He may have gone for tests, and the doctor told him that he couldn’t manage. So when beaten into this type of a corner, you cannot come out fighting. You need to remain patient and hope that things will seek themselves out with time. Even though, I want to appreciate him for standing by your side and agreeing that you see a specialist. I know you are eagerly waiting for the results. Either way, I believe that you will still stick together and find a solution to the problem as a family. That said, I want to introduce you to assisted reproductive techniques. Plenty of couples have benefited from IVF and IUI. It is my conviction that you should also benefit from it if the worst comes. Now depending on the cause of your infertility, your doctor will recommend the most appropriate method. Please do some research on each one of them to help you get to set?

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