In the mid-thirties, I felt I was very late to sire my own kid. Even to date, I couldn’t understand the cause of my infertility. I only decided to seek medical checkups which surprisingly gave positive results. I was attacked by some bacteria and virus in my birth canal. The medication that I was given could not end these microorganisms. My life was hanging in the balance. After taking more antibiotics, they almost wiped all these bacteria and viruses. But little did I know they had already done the damage. Anytime I decide to conceive, the sperms were inhabited by these microorganisms and this would leave me in deep anguish and worry. No doctor found the correct treatment but after taking more antibiotics all the traces were eliminated. The main problem was that I couldn’t get a kid. All my ovaries were destroyed by these bacteria. When I decided for an alternative way of conception, the doctor advised me for an egg donation. At first, I felt unease but later accepted. Little did I know it was too much expensive. I couldn’t afford and even my husband too. Our meagre salaries couldn’t be enough for our operation and IVF. So, we are in a state of desperation wondering where we could get funds for our treatment and I sire my own kid.