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Convincing parents and teachers changed my criminal behavior

posted 6 years 11 months ago
My name is martin and I will be very glad to share with you in this forum. My life took a nosedive when I was criminalized. I was still in primary school and other colleagues used to describe me as a big baby. My demeanor and stature were betraying me. As a young boy of nine years old, I led other students to boycott lunch. Hell broke loose when we strew all the food in the field. Dismayed, the headmistress had to call the police. Investigations were conducted on an individual basis and those who were found guilt were set aside. I was one of them. I missed classes and had to undergo a two-week jail sentencing before being allowed to get back to school. My parents pleaded with the school head for us to be set free from the chains of jail. No one heard their pleas. After two weeks were over, we were rushed to the school and paraded in front of other pupils. It was a day of shame and guilt. Everyone looked mesmerized and their eyes popped out in disbelief. We were pardoned and later allowed to get back to class. The first thing that we bumped into was an examination. I could not understand the content of the examination. My life in school was in danger and felt like dropping out. It took the intervention of teachers and parents together to convince me otherwise. I in the end transformed and started shining in school.

posted 6 years 11 months ago
Thank you, Martin, for sharing your experiences on this forum. I have too learnt a lot from it and it is very enlightening. Criminal behaviours in a child can be nipped early when the child is growing. A child learns from what it can see from the surrounding and it can adversely affect it in its later stages of life. Otherwise, your confession is a wake-up call on how disciplining and counselling a child very early is of most importance.

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