My name is Gladys and I am glad to be a member of this forum and would appreciate sharing with you. Bad friends ruined my good life. Instead of advising me to be better, they made me be a negative role model to my juniors. I recall with nostalgia one day when I was supposed to pick a packet of flour from a nearby shopping center for mummy. A contingent of my colleagues laughed at me and I left there convinced that it was not a right thing to do. Reaching home mummy was so much in dismay to realize I didn’t have the flour. I immediately started weeping hysterically and very feeling very sorry for mummy. Without hesitation, I ran too fast and picked it. Mummy was so infuriated with my character and admonished me till I shed tears of pity and love. All this was a result of my friends. On another occasion, my class master gave us an assignment that we were supposed to turn in the following day. As usual, the influence was so much overwhelming that I could resist. It was an afternoon of making noise and yapping all over. It was prep time where we always led each other into indolence. We neither cared nor felt guilty of our actions. It came when we were too late to change and the peer influence totally and dramatically made us fail in the final exams.