My name is Chris and I am a new member in this forum. I will highly appreciate sharing more with you. In the early days of my secondary school life, drugs were my daily bread. From cocaine to heroine to the worst substances on earth. I couldn’t reckon the stress, the anguish and the traumatization that I underwent through. After being taken to the psychiatrist for thorough check up, I couldn’t hold the pain more so my parents went through. From hospital to hospital all was a total mess. I lacked finances and hospital fees and my parents couldn’t even afford the hospital and rehab bill. The drugs affected my education and I had to drop at early stages of my high school. Going back home, I piled pressure on my parents and started engaging in thuggery and mugging. I recall one day I broke into my neighbor’s house and went away with the whole television set. Life in jail became so normal to me and didn’t look to bother for the consequences. I could attempt suicide and anytime I did so, I found myself in the bar. Life became so unbearable to me and tears became the daily bread. Traumatized, I was then taken back to the rehab. This time I had to oblige and after two years I was taken back home for rest. Thinking that I will get back to my bad habits, my parents were very happy to retain me without any problem arising.