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Discipline bore fruits

posted 6 years 11 months ago
My name is a bill and I am a new member in this forum. I will highly appreciate sharing more with you. In a bid to make my parents happy, I set high goals to please my parents. I could master the self-confidence and the esteem which catalyzed my academics achievements. I was a good and disciplined student in my life at school. The teachers and the students admired all the steps I took for academic success. When I went frail and down during those days of my high school life, everyone was there for me. My academic life was at the top and I was very unstoppable for excellence. Chores at home were not the hindrance to my doing school work. In the worst-case scenario when I tried to turn against the rules, I was always submissive and could get disturbed for the rest of the day. It was not until the time I could apologize to the person that I offended that I mastered the courage back. All went right and my studies never sunk. My success went high with unstoppable spirit. It was all that enabled me to rise to the very person I am today. Discipline brought success in my life and my academic expectations to become a doctor bore fruits.

posted 6 years 11 months ago
Welcome bill to the forum. It is a forum where different people with different experiences share and learn from one another. Discipline in a child is very paramount. As a child grows, it is very important to engage them in counselling sessions. This can be either through the parent form a counsellor. Inculcating values in a child are one of the very most important things a parent can give a child. As a doctor, discipline is needed and for you to have it, it must be learned and acquired through continuous mentoring and getting in touch with the right role models. I know through sharing and doing more research we will be able to learn more from each other. Thank you.

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