Hello good people, I am Marvis. I join the various women all over the world who are facing great difficulty having children of their own. By that statement I mean I have been facing fertility challenges. I am 40 years old today and been married for about 8 years now. These challenges have made me somewhat stronger and have given me reason to hope in other better things that could happen to a woman other than having a child. I say this because I am fast losing hope on having a child, let alone children of my own. I have taken several fertility pills, some of which have resulted in severe bleeding. Doctors have recommended I stopped taking those pills to avoid other complexities. They now recommend a gamete intra fallopian transfer. I don’t really know much about this and will like any lady or dr here that has an idea about it to please explain it better for me. Should I go for it? Will it end my troubles? Please I need your advice.