Hey all,
Just turned 7 months pregnant today Smile
Back in May I was invited to a wedding and left it a little late to get an outfit together. I live in the Scottish Highlands, so the closest town to me is Inverness. Spent a frustrating day trying to find something suitable, but the only place that stocked any maternity wear was New Look (and their range was tiny).
Tried shopping in Glasgow the day before the wedding and didn't get any more luck, so in the end I had to borrow a dress from a friend.
This is my first pregnancy and I was really surprised at the lack of maternity sections in high street stores. There were a few places that stocked casual wear, but hardly anywhere with anything suitable for a wedding.
Seems like most retailers have now moved their maternity ranges online, which as this is a time when I definitely want to be trying clothes on before buying is rather annoying...
We did a bit of research into this and it seems to be a problem throughout the UK. My husband is currently writing an article on our findings.
So I was wondering if anyone had any feedback on:
a) similar problems finding stockists of maternity fashion on the high street
b) any recommended retailers (in the UK preferably) who stock decent ranges in store