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Saving money tips xx

posted 1 decade 7 years ago

I thought I would share a few ways of saving money and if anyone else has any other ones it would be great to share them.

* I go to charity shops for clothes and toys and have brought wonderful things. Really rummage there are really nice things and its making money for charity.

*Look at all the sale items. Even the supermarkets I have brought packs of nappies half price because someone has opened them. Also a lid was missing of the formula milk and I got that £3 off, I have loads of lids at home.

* I have brought my daughter toys in sales, charity shops and car boot sales for when she is older and put them in the cupboard. For furniture birthday or Christmas. I clean and sterilize everything and they look like new.

*Made my own musical instruments with plastic bottles and filled them with pasta ect. Also baby oil with food colouring and water in a clear plastic drinks bottle look like a lava lamp and is cheep to make.But really put the top on tight.

*Car boot sales a brilliant get there early for the best things or late when people want to go home and cut there prices.

*In charity shops I have got a wonderful selection of books for my daughter in lovely condition. Go to nice areas and there are nicer things. Disney videos are so reasonable and is worth keeping the VHS for them. DVDs came be a lot of money.

*Get all the reward cards for the shops. Boots and tescos for me have been brilliant. Also join the parenting clubs.

*Go on all the children's wed sites and get coupons sent to you.

*Save all your pennies and change them up, I have got so many nappies though this.

*Buy products when they are on offers.Like buy on get one free. Stock up it has really saved me a lot of money.

*The pound shops are great but always check sometimes it no cheaper.

*Instead of buying card for family members get a piece of card had make a print of your child's foot and sprinkle a little glitter and jazz it up.This would make a more personnel card that they will keep. An older child could do a drawing it can save a lot of money and is nicer.

*I have brought my daughter a flat pack dolls house that was really reasonable and I'm making and painting it. I brought it for her first Christmas and she can have it when she is old enough to play with it. The dolls house can hold its value and my daughter can keep it for ever and pass it on to her children.

*Borrow books from the library but not if the child could damage it.Also they sell books of cheaply.

*EBay is sometimes good but watch the postage fees.

* Try and ask for discount in certain shops and sometimes you can get it.

* For gifts you can be really creative. For a toddler get a big box fill it with different colour and size balloon's maybe some tissue paper and wrap up a few presents in side. Then wrap it up with a bow they will really enjoy it and it didn't cost a lot.

*Buy Christmas cards, paper , decoration and presents in the sales for the next Christmas.

*Nature walks in parks and places and this doesn't cost a thing. This will fun and educational. There are lots of free activities for children.

*Children can cut up a argos book ect and do a sticking.

*Early learning does a birthday club, join and around you child's birthday you get 20% off

*A dressing up box is great for a fun cheap activity

*Take drinks out with you so you don't have to buy them

*Look at the sale foods at the end of the day and freeze them

*Swap magazines with friends and neighbours.

hope this helps anyone xxx Very happy
Do you have any you want to share ? take care xx

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
Great tips Lottie

I always try and save money where possible which is not always easy with 5 children...

My top tip is always Take drinks out with you so you don't have to buy them.
It may seem a silly top tip but when you are buying drinks for a family of 7, drinks can mount up especially on warm summer days.

posted 1 decade 7 years ago
try and get a babysitting circle set up with your friends so that you don't have to pay babysitters Smile

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