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hello, I am new here

posted 8 months 2 weeks ago
I am new here!
well, there is not much to tell about me and I just want to briefly introduce myself!
My name is Veronica and I am from the US, currently live in Norway, my husband has work to do here.
I have had 3 failed ivf cycles all using my own eggs, now we're opting for our 4 ivf but this time on donor's eggs.
all that sounds exciting but it is not really. I am very tired of all traveling done, of all the flights. I feel exhausted emotionally and physically. I want to succeed in ttcing. but I can't
I am sure you understand me well.
Good luck to all of you guys!

posted 8 months 2 weeks ago
Hello I am also new here!
Hope to get some support!
Glad you are not giving up and are going for your 4 attempts already! I haven’t been ttcing with art before as I have MRKH syndrome (was born without uterus). I do not know whether there are women who would understand me but we are in the same boat right now so I guess it is fine x)
Have a nice treatment, wishing this round to be your lucky one!

posted 8 months 1 week ago
Nice to meet you Smile
Sorry to hear about your diagnosis
It must be really hard for you... But I hope that you have a beautiful life though Smile
you mean that you are also opting for kids through fertility treatment as we are? That's great! I suppose you are going straight for surrogacy, well, good luck then!
Hope we can share with each other good news soon.
Thank you hun
wishing the best of luck

posted 8 months 1 week ago
I am not trying I am waiting for my surrogate mother to deliver, she is having her delivery approximately in 2 months, she is going to go to the hospital in 1 month and in the meantime we also will be in Kiev with her
yes, we are going to wait for 1 month till she delivers and after we will be staying in the clinic till we have our documents.
so as we are in the same boat soon I am going to be a happy mother Smile

posted 8 months 1 week ago
Oh my, are you going to be staying in the very clinic waiting till your SM delivers? I mean isn’t it too much? I mean you should give her more space before she is ready to have a delivery.
Wait a minute… are you saying that your clinic is situated in Kiev? And could you please tell me what is your clinic? how is it called?
Well, how do you plan it exactly?

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