OK so let's begin by information you this! I have severe anxiety and depression so please don't judge!

Basically this boy has been having digs about my son for a while now! My boys have come in from playing outside with bruises due to him! He doesn't live in our village (his grandparents do) and doesn't go to our school! Anyway my youngest son came out of school and said this lad had been and called him a d***head and was getting quite upset and asked me to have a word! He was with 4 other boys ans ive never seen this child before! So i shouted of this boy aand said stop swearing at my son or I will drag you home....now I was going to say by your coat however my son piped up "mam the one with the blonde hair" as I was shouting so I said hair! Instantly my anxiety flared as this was a genuine accident! I am not a nasty person! People around the school would have heard also! Now after I walked my son home we went to find this boy so I could apologise! He was fine (very hard faced) but now I'm having major panic attacks and over thinking this!! HELP!!