Hi I'm just looking for little advice.I'm a single mum and my little one is 2 yr old me amd his dad split but Stil get on.and he comes over for hour after work he is a plumber amd gets up at 4.30 every morning and is very tired so he sees little one 3 times a week after work in week days and comes to mine to see the baby at weekend .but sometimes it would be nice of he could take him out or have him overnight. He never takes him out he said I got all my washing to do and it's the only time he can get things done is on.the weekend.am I asking to much maybe or should he be taking him out amd doin more with him.?he lives in.a shared house but said it wouldn't be a problem the baby staying their with.him and he gets on with his Flat Mates it's a safe environment for baby.