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Software To Teach English Online

posted 1 year 2 months ago
trying to start teaching English online. It's not going to be big. Just contacts I had when I was working with a French company. So, it is basically tutorial, so that they will be more conversational in English. I wonder what I can use for group discussions? To make it more interactive, be able to show some videos and a presentation, too. Finally, would there be a way to record the session? Any suggestions welcome. Thank you!

posted 1 year 2 months ago
I would suggest Skype but I think it doesn't have the capability to record Skype conversation you need additional tools to be able to do that.

posted 6 months 3 weeks ago
Yeah, I agree. Also, why don't you do the skype call for actual teaching and a regular camera for making videos and posting on youtube?

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