Hi guys,

I'm 32 and TTC our first baby for the last 8 months. My cycle is irregular (usually between 30-35 days) but I usually get it every month after about 3 days of spotting. In May i had one 47 day cycle and after a number of bfn's my doctor got my hormones checked but all was perfectly normal. I just put it down to my body settling down after coming off bc. But this month I'm on day 50 and nothing. I had a little bit of brown cm on day 14 after BD and the tiniest drop of light pink when I wiped on day 30 but that's been it. I think I ovulated late because I didn't get any ewcm earlier on the month and then got loads of ewcm on day 35 (I wouldn't have caught the egg if that's the case as we didn't bd). Its now day 50 no AF and 3 bfn's (on day 34, 44 and 49) it's starting to upset me. I've had a bit of stress this month as we found out my dad is sick so maybe that's it. Anyone else ever experience this?