Hi everyone. I am hoping that I have just discovered the holy grail of work from home opportunities but first a little bit on my background.

In 2008 I decided I wanted to work from home. Over the years I have tried bits and pieces but I realised there were no real opportunities. It was all surveys, gambling or pyramid selling, direct selling companies etc. None of it was any use at all.

My professional life has been good and I have a solid understanding of business, online marketing, e-commerce management etc. I am putting my skills to use and launching my own business which may be of interest to you.

This opportunity is only open for those who are serious and dedicated. It is not a get rich quick scheme.

My new business will essentially be a business in a box. Without revealing the products, I and my small team will be making various items targeting a certain market, a niche. These products are then stored in our modest warehouse with no packaging design. This is where you come in.

You can send your brand name and logo to us or we can design it and apply to the products. We take care of the photographs and upload to a website that we also provide for you. You promote your own business, make sales and we take care of the shipping and returns.

No need to worry about the seasons, producing magazines, updating your products etc. We do all of this for you which allows you to just get on with promoting and accounting of your own business. The brand name you choose is yours and we can even work with you to create a product unique to you.

Does this sound like something you are interested in?